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It’s candidate petition season and your signature is needed

Every candidate who runs for office in a public election in Pennsylvania, from County Auditor to US President, needs endorsing signatures from members of their political party to get on the ballot.

The signatures are entered onto petition forms, which must be completed properly and can be challenged if the signatures are not correct.

ACDC Office

Only if the candidate collects enough valid signatures are they allowed to be on the ballot in the primary election in April.

Signatures are collected during a short window in January and February.  This year’s candidates have from today until Feb. 13 to collect signatures.

The Adams County Democratic Committee (ACDC) is asking for help from registered Democrats in Adams county help to get these signatures.

While petition forms are available for Democratic candidates running for state office, two local races are particularly important

Beth Farnham, running to challenge John Joyce in the 13th house district, needs 1,000 signatures from registered Democrats before Feb 13.

Cameron Schroy, running to challenge Dan Mastriano in the 33rd Senate District, needs 500 signatures from registered Democrats before Feb. 13.

You can help these candidates by signing their petition forms:

Come to Democratic headquarters to sign.  The headquarters are just off Lincoln Square in Gettysburg at 24 Chambersburg St. The office is open 7 days a week from noon to 4 p.m.

Attend the ACDC signing event on Sun. Feb. 4 from 1 to 6 p.m. at the headquarters. Grilled Cheese sandwiches and chili will be served.

You can also help by contacting your neighbors and having them sign petition forms. Contact Marcia Wilson at (717) 337-5285 to learn how.

The ACDC Executive Committee for 2022-2026 consists of the following individuals:

Officers of the County Committee
Marcia Wilson, Chair
Matt Moon, Vice-Chair
Stephanie J. Roelker, Treasurer
Wendy Logue, Secretary

Elected by Members of the County Committee
Helen Cook
Debbie Westmoreland

Standing Committee Chairs
Political Action Committee – Sara Laird
Ways and Means Committee – Marty Qually
Community Outreach – Meghan O’Brien and Angela Sontheimer
Communications – Beth Kanagy

Adams County State Representative
Elected Democratic State Committee Member – Sara Laird

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