It’s Mosquito Season in Adams County: How to Stay Safe from West Nile Virus [Episode 33]

This week’s podcast is a reposting of an interview I did over the winter.  It’s relevant now because with the current rains we are getting there are going to be a lot of mosquitoes.


In this episode I talk with Stephanie Summers who is Adams County’s Mosquito Borne Disease Control & Conservation Technician. Her job is to keep an eye on disease-causing insects in the county, including mosquitoes and ticks.

Stephanie talks about how to the county helps keep these insects under control and how you can stay safe from Lyme disease and West Nile Virus.

Here are some web links you may find useful:

Adams County Conservation District

PA Department of Environmental Protection

U.S. Center for Disease Control Information on Lyme Disease

U.S. Center for Disease Control Information on West Nile Virus

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Information on Choosing an Appropriate Insect Repellent

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