It’s Time to #ShopLocalinAdams

As the holiday shopping season approaches it is time to think local.

The more we all spend in Adams County, the more opportunities we will all create for our economy to recover. And with many businesses hurting, our businesses desperately need a boost this year.

shop local in Adams logo

Purchasing from one of the thousands of locally-owned businesses in the county has a multiplying ripple effect that helps the community beyond what you buy.

In addition to the direct effect in which businesses use your money for salaries, utilities, and equipment, the people who work for these businesses then shop locally themselves.

A recent study found that every $100 spent locally generates $45 of secondary local spending.

What can you do?

First, check out the list of local businesses.  Here are some categories to choose from:


Art Galleries


Many local businesses are offering online, phone-in, curbside pickup, and gift certificates.

Contact the business and choose something to purchase. Feel good about your contribution.

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