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Jalbert Steps Down from Bakewell Farm

After founding the local nonprofit Bakewell Farm (BWF) in 2016 to bring bread-centric knowledge and activities to the Adams County community, local baker and musician Marc Jalbert is stepping down from its board of directors on June 1.


“I’m more comfortable working as a solo,” said Jalbert.

“I thought BWF would be in better hands with someone who had more experience. I don’t know what the board is going to do or where they’re going to take it,” said Jalbert.

“We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Marc. It’s been a very enjoyable endeavor,” said BWF board member Sarah Stokely. “We wanted to make the transition happen as smoothly as possible. We’re still in the process of deciding what we want to do next.”

“I’m particularly good and starting things up. I’m happy to bake, teach, and do the classes. I feel much more useful in those capacities,” said Jalbert.

“I want to have the flexibility to have more time to do other things,” said Jalbert. “I want to spend more time in Maine with my family.”

Jalbert and BWF have been providing over 250 packets of whole grain breads every week for the Ruth’s Harvest backpack project, but doing so has become more difficult during the pandemic. “I can’t have volunteers over to help with the bread,” said Jalbert.

“We want to continue to support Ruth’s Harvest. It’s really needed,” said Stokely.

BWF has also been providing whole grain breads to the SCCAP food pantry.

Stokely said BWF would continue to support its community baker program, in which local bakers are encouraged to bake more than they need, sharing the extra with people who need it.

“The community baker piece is an area of opportunity for serving the community,” said Stokely.

Jalbert said his time with BWF had been effective in bringing bread to the community “Every Bakewell class did produce a dedicated home baker of sourdough bread,” said Jalbert.

Jalbert said he will be providing a limited amount of his bread to the community. “It will be called Mark’s Bread. It will be my production,” said Jalbert.

Jalbert said he had received an influx of questions about baking during the pandemic. “Lots of people are looking for starter and dough,” said Jalbert. “I’m happy to continue to provide ideas.”

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