Lisa Angstadt wins Adams County Explorers Contest

Lisa Angstadt has been chosen from the many correct entries we received as January’s winner of the Gettysburg Connection Adams County Explorers contest!

The contest is a collaboration between Gettysburg Connection and the Adams County Library System.

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Angstadt correctly identified this photo as the Alms House (Also called the Poor House or Poor Farm) which was located along the Harrisburg Rd. just north of Gettysburg between 1819 until the 1960s.

The building served as a jail, nursing home, insane asylum, halfway house, and homeless shelter all in one small, cramped cluster of buildings. This was the reality for many poor, sick, and disadvantaged Adams County residents for over a century.

During the Gettysburg battle, the Alms House was the scene of heavy fighting and a large-scale field hospital for the wounded of both sides. And although we know very little of their ordeal, between 80 and 100 residents of the Almshouse undoubtedly witnessed the battle – many from basement cells where some were chained to the walls and floor.

Adams County Historical Society historians Andrew Dalton and Tim Smith explain more in the video below about the early history of this little-known county institution.

Congratulations to Linda!

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