Kenny resigns from LASD board

The Littlestown Area School District Board of DIrectors is looking to fill a temporary board position created by the sudden resignation of Nicki Kenny on March 24. Elected in 2020, Kenny had served only two years out of her four-year term.

The board hopes to find a temporary replacement who will fill the vacancy until the end of the calendar year.

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Superintendent Chris Bigger said he was “surprised” by the resignation, which will not be officially approved until the next board meeting.

Pending board approval at the April 17 meeting, official notification of the temporary position will be posted. Anyone wishing to apply for the job should notify the board by May 4 and provide a letter of interest, resume, and a statement describing why they want to serve as a board member. Candidates will be interviewed May 8 at the regular work session, and the board will select a new candidate through a vote at the May 15 board meeting.

Kenny’s resignation has created another problem for the district because fewer candidates are running for election this year than there are empty seats.

Only four candidates, including current board president Yancy Unger who will run for his second term, are listed on the May primary ballot. But five board positions need to be filled by the end of the year to replace Kenny as well as Jeanne Ewen, Robert Hahn, Shari Kruger, and Jennifer McClay who are not be seeking reelection.

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