LASD to address behavior issues; Will review policies on dress codes and cell phones

As school enters its second month, Littlestown Area School Superintendent Christopher Bigger said “It feels like school. It was a really smooth start to the year.”  Bigger thanked the staff for their hard work.

District enrollment is decreasing, moving down to 2,007 total students in comparison to last year’s 2,086.  “That enrollment is supporting the idea of consolidation at this point,” said Bigger.


There are only 114 Kindergarten students when normal class sizes had been in the 150 range. “That’s a really small class for us,” he said.

Bigger said the percentage of students who do not come to campus has remained steady at about 10 percent, but that there had been an increase in the number of students who are home schooled.

Bigger said the district was still short some support staff, including custodial, personal care assistants, and teaching assistants.

Bigger reminded people that social media is not always reliable. “If you don’t hear it from us, it’s not factual,” he said. “If we have facts, we will usually send a statement out. If it’s not factual you’re not going to hear from us.”

Bigger said the building projects were moving forward and meetings with the township were in the works.  “The timelines are tight,” he said.

Behavior issues

“We do see across the district where we’re trying to reorient students to correct behaviors.  There were a few years where everything was just a little more loose and accepting of things. We’re in a kind of correction phase,” said Bigger. 

Bigger said students from Kindergarten through 8th grade would be participating in behavioral correction programs.  The programs will include “focusing on correct positive behaviors, having rewards systems in place to reorient them, as well as the consequential side,” he said.

After comments by board member Carl Thompson, the board asked the administration to review policies on dress codes and cell phones and their enforcement and report back to them. Thompson said he had heard from many people about their displeasure with these issues and asked how teachers were being supported enforcing the policies.

Other business

Student reports from the high school included the decoration of senior parking spaces, the upcoming homecoming events on Oct. 14 and 15, the yearbook, and the fall play.

At the Middle School a Winter Wonderland Dance is being considered.

The district needs a family to house an exchange student.

Board member Yancy Unger said he had heard from an employee who was desperately looking for people to work in this business.  Younger said the training provided by the Adams County Technical Institute (ACTI) would be helpful in providing employees.  Younger said state representative Torren Ecker was helpful in getting funds for the ACTI.

The district accepted a $360 donation from Flying Feet Running Progams for  sweatshirts for the cross-country team. 

The district will sell old and unused boys soccer uniforms to the public for $5 each.  Funds will go toward new uniforms.


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