LGBT Ordinance Moves Forward in Gettysburg * Police Facebook Page Shuts Down * More News

Gettysburg Borough president Jake Schindel began Monday’s council meeting by reminding residents of the importance of wearing face masks. “As we go headlong into flu season we should all be very wary as our numbers move in the wrong direction,” said Schindel. “Gettysburg has done much better than other towns I’ve seen. We just need to keep it up.”

Police Facebook Page

During the community comment section of the meeting several residents critiqued the Gettysburg Police Facebook page for its language, asking who was responsible for making the comments on the page.

Gettysburg Police Chief Robert Glenny said he had talked to Gettysburg Mayor Ted Streeter about the Facebook page and that after the discussion he had taken it down. “Our Facebook page no longer exists nor will it exist until I get instructions from the mayor,” said Glenny.

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LGBT Ordinance Moves Forward in Gettysburg * Police Facebook Page Shuts Down * More News 3

Glenny said the regular police announcements that had been posted on the Facebook page would instead be sent to local media outlets including the Gettysburg Times and Gettysburg Connection.

LGBT Ordinance

After discussing issues related to wording of gender-related categories in the anti-discrimination ordinance they have been working on for several months, the council moved it forward for publication with the expectation of a vote at a December meeting of the council. 

Assuming the council passes the ordinance it will likely become effective that day.

Gettysburg resident Chad-Alan Carr suggested the council delete the various definitions of gender variability in the current version of the ordinance. “Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is all that’s needed,” said Carr. Carr also said he was very proud of the council’s work. “I watched you all united,” he said.

Responding in part to Carr’s comments, Borough Solicitor Harry Eastman said it was important to keep the current language in the document. Eastman said the ordinance as drafted followed language used by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Act.

“We can only work within the bounds of authority given to us.  Our authority flows from the human relations act.  It’s far more defensible. I don’t think we have the authority to add those terms,” said Eastman.

After some discussion the council voted to maintain the current language with the potential of making changes going forward.

Other News

  • Public Works Director Robert Harbaugh said that snow removal could be delayed this winter. “Due to the fact that we have a lower staff level we’re going to have issues with snow events.  I don’t think it’s going to be anything we can’t handle but it’s going to take a little longer on certain things.” Harbaugh asked the community to “have a little patience this year.”
  • The police cooperation agreement with Cumberland County has moved forward.
  • The borough sign ordinance will be addressed in a future meeting.

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