Lincoln Fellowship sponsors 100 Nights of Taps

Lincoln Fellowship representative Wendy Allen thanked the Gettysburg Public Works Department for repairing the “Return Visit” statue on the Gettysburg Square in April.

After being restored at a studio in New Jersey and returned last year, the statue was loose. “It can’t be wobbling,” said Allen.

100 Nights of Taps

Allen said she was deeply grateful to Public Works Director Rob Harbaugh and his staff for the repair.

“I live in a borough that has tremendously wonderful people to work with. The Lincoln Fellowship is deeply grateful to the Gettysburg public works department.  It was just spectacular,” she said.

Allen honored the staff with a commemorative coin.

Allen said buglers were already lined up for the “100 Nights of Taps” program that begins on Memorial Day weekend. “100 buglers signed up in 2 hours,” she said.

The evening educational programs, which feature buglers from as far away as Belgium, will include events with multiple “cascading” buglers.”

“Every night is different,” said Allen.

Begun in 1938, the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania honors the memory and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln through the annual commemoration of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address every November 19th, the maintenance of the “Return Visit” statue on Gettysburg’s historic Lincoln Square, active support for Gettysburg National Military Park’s educational Traveling Trunk program, and the “One Hundred Nights of Taps, Gettysburg” program, which occurs in Gettysburg National Cemetery each summer. 

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