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Matt Moon announces candidacy for Gettysburg Ward 2 council

Gettysburg Borough Council Member from Ward 2 Matt Moon will run for re-election.

“My work thus far has been deeply rewarding, and the ability to offer service to my community has been the most so,” said Moon, “And there is more work to be done.”

matt moon

“I have worked hard over the past three years. Together with my colleagues and friends on council we helped guide the borough government and staff through the pandemic crisis, created, selected, and empaneled the Human Relations Committee, and have made sure it meets the needs of the taxpayers.”

“We still have so much to do. My intent with a second term would be to continue the work of improving the relationship between the police and the community. Public safety is of the utmost importance, and while we have an excellent police force, they often feel unappreciated and unheard, and I aim to help to improve that.”

“Beyond that, there more to be done with the sidewalk and sign ordinances, as well as a comprehensive revision of the zoning ordinance.”

“Making sure the borough’s needs are met while also making processes more accessible and friendly for the taxpayers is incredibly important.”

“I am happy to apply my skills and zeal to the work of our community, and will gladly do that again if the people of the second ward would like me to.”

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