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New LASD board member to be elected May 8

Some confusion over the wording of a motion to accept a recent resignation from the Littlestown Area School District Board of Directors resulted in procedural scrambling at Monday’s board meeting to allow enough time for a replacement. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the resignation of board member Nicki Kenny “retroactive” to March 24.

Board member Jeanne Ewen asked if a new board member had to be appointed before April 24 since the law stipulates the position must be filled within 30 days of the resignation. 

Solicitor Dan Altland advised the board to make a motion to reconsider the vote, change the wording and create a new motion to accept the resignation removing the language “retroactive”  to comply with the law but still allowing 30 days to find a replacement.

Another change will see the board member elected at the work session May 8, immediately after candidates are interviewed for the position. Initially, the recommendation had been to vote on the new member at the next board meeting May 15. Candidates must submit their application by May 4 at 4:00 p.m.

The board acknowledged and thanked Nicki Kenny for her work with the board.

In other board business, the 2023-2024 budget for Adams County Technical Institute for $206,816 was approved, an increase of about $850 over last year’s LASD portion. Board member Yancy Unger said the increase is predicated on the number of students. “We had a minimal increase compared to some of the other schools,” he added. “ACTI is currently moving forward with the process of becoming its own entity,” Yancy said, referring to the $500,000 grant it received from Adams County for land and construction of a county-wide career and technical institute.

Superintendent Chris Bigger announced that the fifth community survey would go out at the end of this week. “I’m looking forward to some really good participation, hopefully up into the 500s,” he said. The staff survey will go out in May.

The calendar focus group met last week and dissected 386 survey results split about equally between high school and elementary school respondents. “We’re really not ready to say what the survey said,” noted Bigger, “however, we’re on track to have some guidance for you in the fall for recommendations of school calendars in the future. Committee members will call other schools with innovative calendars and report back at the next meeting June. 6.

Students of the month were recognized at the beginning of the meeting. They are Sadie Seymore, 2nd grade, and Casey Montgomery, 5th Grade, ACES; Haley Blust, 6th Grade, MAMS; Reagan Repasky, and Daren Wang, 12th Grade, LHS.

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