New Oxford Library: Small but mighty

By Bryn Jarusewski

Have you ever visited the New Oxford Library? If not, please stop by to visit our tiny but mighty branch of the Adams County Library System. Since New Oxford is much smaller than many of the other satellite branches, do you ever wonder how we receive, process, and distribute our materials? Our library is much too small to handle that capacity of materials and books, process subscriptions to magazines, and store all of the STEM and educational materials. 

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Thanks to the Gettysburg Branch, located in downtown Gettysburg, our branch can receive support for the everyday functions of the library. Because our library cannot hold all the books ordered for the county, Gettysburg will process the materials through the materials handling and will distribute them to the branches to maintain as a small collection. However, our branches cannot hold all the popular materials so the Adams County Library System has created a rotation schedule to keep the branches fresh and interesting over the course of a year or two. 

As a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, the Adams County Library System relies on donors like you! The New Oxford Library, among the other branches, relies heavily on our Development Director Erica Duffy, coordinates fundraising efforts through programs such as the Endowment Giving, Giving Spree, and other incredible ways. Without your help and Erica’s, we would not have the funds to operate our library or purchase books for readers like you. 

The list of reasons and ways the Gettysburg Library supports the New Oxford Library is endless, so I will just sum up a few:

  • Delivery six days a week is provided by the Gettysburg branch
  • IT Department to fix all our technology woes
  • Youth Services will provide support for our SummerQuest programs 

A simple thank you is not enough for all that Gettysburg does for our tiny, but mighty branch!

Mark your calendars!  Friends of the Adams County Library System’s Annual Summer Book Sale Bonanza.  Thurs-Sat, 7/28-30.  Held at Redding’s Auction Services, 1085 Table Rock Road, Gettysburg.  9am-7pm Thurs & Fri; and 9am-2pm Sat..Five free books per child in attendance.  Teachers’ special on Fri only:  15 free classroom appropriate books per teacher.  $5/bag sale on Sat; buy 2 get 1 free.  Food truck present for breakfast & lunch items on Thurs & Fri.

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