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New Year’s Eve Gala will include fireworks and a raising of Abraham Lincoln’s stovepipe hat

Plans are underway for a gala New Years Eve 2023 evening on the Gettysburg Square, complete with fireworks (building and people-safe), music, and the raising of an eight-foot lighted aluminum replica of Abraham Lincoln’s stovepipe hat to welcome in the new year.

The evening events will cap a full day of events for children and adults. The square will be packed with people enjoying music, age-specific children’s activities, a pub crawl, beer garden, food trucks, and vendors. We’re encouraging all businesses in town to be open for part of the evening and offer special New Year’s Eve events of their own.

Over 20 towns in the state have lighted “drops” for their New Year’s Eve events, but until now Gettysburg has never had one. But we’ll be welcoming 2023 by starting a new tradition and raising Abe’s Hat!

Early in his political career, Lincoln began wearing stovepipe hats — a noted symbol of prestige and authority — to help him stand out in crowds at campaign events. After his assassination, the stovepipe hat remained a popular symbol of Lincoln and his many contributions to our nation and our freedoms. Abe’s top hat was chosen to welcome 2023 to represent not only Lincoln and Gettysburg, but also the good wishes and harmony the New Year brings to all.

The events are sponsored by Gettysburg Alive. If you are interested in being a vendor or volunteering, there are applications on our website: www.gettysburgalive.com

Gettysburg Live is looking for companies that can grasp our vision and be sponsors for Abe’s Hat and the Gettysburg New Year’s Eve Fireworks. We will be reaching out for your help!

How often in an historic town like Gettysburg do we get to do something for the FIRST TIME?

Join us in starting a new tradition by Raising Abe’s Hat in a crowded Lincoln Square!

Gettysburg Alive was started by Keith George and Patti Robinson to help promote events that are taking place in the area and to make sure New Year’s Eve is brought back in full swing. Gettysburg Pride graciously offered to take us under their oversight and 501c3 because we have the same mission, bringing Gettysburg together through great events.

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