New Year’s Eve 2023 on Lincoln Square Returns with a Bang

Gettysburg Alive and Gettysburg Pride are teaming up to bring New Year’s Eve back to Gettysburg with a fresh new take on a historic tradition.

“We are excited to bring this time-honored tradition back to Gettysburg. There’s no party like a New Year’s party on Lincoln Square,” said event organizer Patti Robinson.

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Among the music, dancing, and restaurants with great food, guests will see fireworks at midnight, as well as a brand-new addition: Raising Abe Lincoln’s lighted stovepipe hat at midnight up over the square that bears his name.

Thompson’s Welding & Custom Fabrication not only donated their time to build the 14’ aluminum hat, but Chris Thompson involved his twin boys in the project from the beginning to the last bolt. “Life lessons,” he kept reminding the boys as they learned the physics of welding and assembly.

Guests to downtown Gettysburg will hear and see HD Entertainment providing all the season’s best music and dance favorites beginning at 6:00 p.m. straight through until the stroke of midnight. Gettysburg Hospital President Mike Cogliano will be Gettysburg’s 2023 Dick Clark. Mayor Rita Frealing will make a statement from the stage.

You can expect a pub crawl, live music on the Art Oasis, vendors, and children’s activities right on the square. Christ Lutheran Church on Chambersburg St. will be open to the public for activities, warmth, refreshments, live music, a magic show and more.

Food trucks will be on hand for all downtown guests, and restaurants including the Blue and Gray and The Gettysburger will be open with their own New Year’s Eve events.

Road closures to all vehicular traffic include Lincoln Square and one block out on each side: Chambersburg St. at Washington St., Carlisle St. at Railroad St., York St. at Stratton St., Baltimore St. at Middle St. from 4 p.m. on December 31, 2022, to 1 a.m. on January 1, 2023.

Event organizers are hard at work raising funds and planning a grand evening for all. Sponsorships are still available to anyone wishing to help make this event as spectacular as possible.

For more information, to help sponsor the event or learn more about the road closures and detour maps, please revisit often.

Gettysburg Alive was founded by Patti Robinson and Keith George, to help promote events that are taking place in the area, and to make sure New Year’s Eve is brought back in full swing. Gettysburg Pride graciously offered to take this new organization under its oversight and nonprofit status to help this event get off the ground quickly for 2022 and because both organizations share the same mission of bringing Gettysburg together through great events.

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