Ploughman Cider Taproom reopens tomorow with expanded menus

A soft opening last night showed off the new culinary and beverage options at Ploughman Cider Taproom, located on the southwest corner of Gettysburg’s Lincoln Square.

The taproom, which has been open for three years, has long been a place for ciders and other local beverages, as well as live music, but there has not been much of a food menu.

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Katie Christopher, Ben Wenk, and Ricky Czar, behind the bar at the taproom

The new expanded menu, prepared by chef Katie Christopher, includes charcuterie and cheese platters with local cheeses and sausages, nuts, chutneys, and breads, as well as sandwiches, meat pies, and meat and vegetarian pasties. Christopher also showed us a beautiful green salad expected to be on the menu soon.

“This is a testimony to farmer’s markets,” said taproom owner Ben Wenk. “We didn’t want to be a protein and two starches type restaurant.” Wenk said the menu was based on locally-sourced foods processed “with minimal intervention.”

Beverage options have also been expanded, including not only ciders and local beers, but also wines, whiskies, digestifs, and cocktails. The mixology choices include the Ploughman Old Fashioned with rye and apple cider syrup, the Boulevardier with Ploughman Cherry Vermouth, and several absinthe drinks.

Wenk said the taproom was a casual “mix and match” style; informal and approachable.

“Cider has always been a rural drink,” said Wenk. “This a place you can drop in after work.” 

The Ploughman Ciders are also available for takeout.

The remodeled taproom will open Friday May 28 at 11:00 a.m.


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