POWER Interfaith will rally to support democracy tomorrow

POWER Intertfaith’s Freedom Express bus tour, a statewide voting rights action campaign, will stop in Gettysburg to hold a public rally on Monday Oct. 31 at 2:00 p.m. to heal our faith in democracy.

In this hotly contested election cycle, where White Christian Nationalists are threatening the very foundations of our democracy, POWER Interfaith clergy from across PA will rally with local faith leaders and community members, to get out the vote, hold bad actors to account, and uplift a vision of unity in diversity.

Nowhere are the battle scars of our nation’s history of political division more visible than in Gettysburg. Rev. Martin Otto-Zimmann will be joining from the United Lutheran Seminary, which itself was invaded by the Confederacy and which has been recently the subject of criticism from present-day insurrectionists.

This legacy of division, exclusion, and oppression has found expression today in White Christian Nationalism. Healing our nation’s wounds is everyone’s work, and requires that people of moral courage step up to meet the moment. In this spirit, speakers at the action will promote a vision for building a beloved community in the state of PA that is rooted in inclusivity, diversity, and justice.

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