Rain barrel project moves forward with Adams County Community Foundation grant

Healthy Adams County has received a grant from the Adams County Community Foundation’s Fund for the Environment to continue a program that helps Adams County residents with free rain barrels to recycle rainwater.

You can make a difference by placing a rain barrel under your downspouts and using the water for your garden or other needs. Recyling rainwater is easy and can reduce stormwater runoff and water bills.

The grant will be used to purchase rain barrels and supplies and for public outreach and education about stormwater runoff, flood controls, best management practices, and conservation of our natural resources.

Free rain barrels will be distributed to Adams County residents at upcoming workshops. Interested individuals should contact the Director of Historic and Environmental Preservation Debra English at denglish@gettysburgpa.gov or 717-334-1160 Ext 238 .

Workshop enrollment is limited, on a first come first served basis. 

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