Rediscover Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Cone Sweet Cone

If you are looking for a refreshing stop on a hot day after touring the battlefield, or just have an inkling for some old-fashioned ice cream after a local meal, Cone Sweet Cone is an opportunity to satisfy your cravings.

Located at 433 Baltimore St., Home Sweet Cone offers a wide variety of old-fashioned ice cream flavors. And it’s only a short walk from the Gettysburg square.

Shop owners Barbara and Steve Schultz said their store offers a wide variety of products including gelato, Italian ice, ice cream, fudge, cotton candy, chocolate, and nostalgic candy. Barbara said they make their ice cream the way they like it – fresh using the best quality product – and with extra toppings.

Some of the fan-favorites at Cone Sweet Cone are the premium ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, caramel latte, butter pecan, chocolate peanut butter, and the recently-added black walnut. Locals also enjoy their four vegan options made with coconut oil and almond milk and their unique gelato flavors. Tourists often feel that they go back in time and revisit their childhood after seeing all their favorite nostalgic candies offered in the shop.

Cone Sweet cone is located on the first floor of the Schultz’s bed and breakfast, A Sentimental Journey. The bed and breakfast is home to antiques and the feeling of traveling through different eras in uniquely decorated bedrooms. The building was originally an art-print and art shop but the Schultz’s decided to convert it into another business to pursue their love for bed and breakfasts and ice cream.

Barbara feels that Cone Sweet Cone is a charm along the boulevard of historic Gettysburg and enjoys meeting tourists when they come and visit. She said it makes her happy to please all types of ice cream enthusiasts with their vegan and sugar free homemade ice cream options. 

Stop by Cone Sweet Cone to go back in time and enjoy some of your favorite premium ice cream flavors!

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