Remembering Nanette Hatzes: The Brooke Books Volume 1 [Episode 37]

Nan Hatzes died this week after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

I am taking the opportunity this week to repost a podcast I did with her back in May.

I thought it was a remarkable interview.

She recently published the book she describes in the interview, “The Brooke Books, Volume 1.”

It’s an intimate memoir of Nan’s drawings, paintings and writings in the mid-1970s, focusing in large part on the birth of her daughter, Brooke, in 1974.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please check Nan’s Facebook page.

brooke book
Remembering Nanette Hatzes: The Brooke Books Volume 1 [Episode 37] 3

To put it simply, Nan made a lot of art.  She also raised a daughter and worked at Shippensburg University, as well as presenting her paintings, drawings and photographs at numerous exhibitions.

In 1980 photographer Annie Leibovitz awarded one of her photos first prize in Rolling Stone Magazine’s photography competition. Leibovitz described her photography as “intimate, seductive, and highly personal.”

Did I mention that Nan has made a lot of art?  She made so much gave a lot of it away to the community through her regular “Art Attacks.”

Nan was also the creator of the very successful “Goddess Project,” a collection of commissioned portraits of local women.

Nan was kind enough to share some of her pieces with us. I thank her for that and I thank Max Bramel for his assistance.


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