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Rita Frealing Gets to Work on Mayoral Campaign

After winning the Democratic primary over Chad Alan Carr and Kiersten Demps on Tuesday, Rita Frealing is basing her mayoral campaign on the issues of community safety, collaboration, and consensus. 

“I’m ready to work,” said Frealing in a phone call yesterday. “Everyone will have a voice.”

Gettysburg mayoral primary candidates on primary election day: Left to Right: KIersten Demps, Rita Frealing, and Chad Carr [Graham Bugbee]

Frealing said the two major responsibilities the mayor was expected to fulfill were related to her campaign themes.

Frealing said the mayor’s responsibilities are in large part ceremonial, which involve connecting and including community members. She said that as mayor she would reach out to the park service, the college, the seminary, local health services, and all other community voices to share their messages. “There are many  resources that can be brought out.   I’d work with the agencies to get out their messages,” she said.

The mayor also oversees the police department. Frealing said her approach to public safety would involve communication. “I want to talk to citizens, borough council, and with each member of the police department to hear their opinions and concerns.”

Frealing will continue to emphasize inclusion during her campaign.

Frealing said she is looking for a campaign manager and a social media manager for the campaign and that it would continue to be based on local outreach.  Frealing said she did not take donations during the primary, using instead a “One plus Ten” campaign in which people agreed to get the word out to ten of their neighbors.

Frealing will run for the mayoral position against Republican Thomas R. Carr in the municipal election on November 2.

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