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Sacred Willow Metaphysical Center encourages healing through a journey inward

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Littlestown has a growing community of unique women-owned businesses. Sacred Willow Metaphysical Center, located at 18 South Queen Street, is a recent addition. Owner Dee Antoinette provides a wide range of workshops and tools to aid her clients on their spiritual journey.

Dee is hosting an open house Sunday, December 19, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The public can enjoy refreshments and learn more about the center’s wide range of classes, workshops, and other tools that enhance growth. 

“I opened the center to create a space where people can teach, learn, and grow. Our practitioners encourage healing and recognize blockages that get in the way. Whether work demands, health and relationship issues or other blockages, our practitioners motivate participants to break up energy blockages so their bodies can experience natural healing,” said Antoinette.

Scared Willow also supports local artisans who showcase and sell their works at the center. Art, crafts, and healing items can be viewed or purchased during the open house.

To register for a class or learn more about the center, visit http://www.sacredwillowmc.com or call (717) 345-5287.

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