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SCCAP Begins Distributing $6.7 Million in Rental Assistance to Adams Landlords and Tenants

Federal funds designed to help individuals and families who have been impacted by COVID maintain their housing are arriving in Adams County. These funds were allocated through the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 signed into law by President Trump in December.

In Adams county the act is bringing just over $6.7 million to assist tenants in staying in their homes and to make landlords whole so they can pay their mortgages and maintain their properties.

South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP) will be partnering with the Adams County Housing Authority to get the money out quickly to community members who need it.

SCCAP began receiving applications for the program approximately two weeks ago and already has nearly 150 applications.

“In the first 10 days we assisted 40 applicants, including 25 landlords, with rent totaling $155,416 and assisted 22 individuals with utilities totaling $17,051. Our average rent payment to a landlord was $3,885 or 4 months of rent,” said SCCAP Executive Officer Megan Shreve.

“This program is designed to provide real assistance to get folks back on their feet.” said Shreve. “It helps landlords and tenants, and ultimately it helps the local economy. Many, many landlords have been really working with families – no one wants folks to be on the streets due to the pandemic. The sense of relief we hear from both tenants and landlords is immense.”  

Shreve said the funds can cover up to 12 months of arrears as well as reasonable fees and court costs.

“I encourage county staff to personally and professionally reach out to those in need. Try not to miss anyone…If the money isn’t spent here, we can’t keep it,” said Adams County Commissioner Marty Qually. “Do not count on only the media and SCCAP to get the word out. We all know someone who rents and has been affected by the pandemic. Let’s make sure they get the assistance they need.” 

The program will remain open until December 31, 2021 unless all funding is expended before then. “Turn around time right now”, said Shreve, “from when all needed documents are received from the client and the landlord, is typically 2 weeks. But we have never had this many applications in such a short amount of time. Our staff are working overtime to keep families in their homes and make landlord whole.” 

More information about the program along with all needed documents are available on SCCAP’s website www.sccap.org/relief

Tenants must complete the application and supply their last 30 days of income along with a copy of their lease and photo ID.  Assistance is for individuals and families under 80% of the median income (listed on SCCAP’s website).

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Charles Stangor is Gettysburg Connection's Publisher and Editor in Chief.

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Jenine Weaver is a staff writer for the Connection. She grew up and currently resides in Adams County PA. She is the founder of Weaver Accounting Solutions LLC and a mom of 4 children. She enjoys being involved with the community, the school, town meetings, local fundraisers, and she is an advocate of social justice with Voices Unite in GAC.

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