School Starts Smoothly in Fairfield

School has restarted at the Fairfield Area School District (FASD) and as of Monday there had been no reported cases of COVID-19.

“We have been very lucky. We haven’t had any tests come back positive,” said district superintendent Michael Adamek. “We’ve had some symptoms. We’ve had a few folks go home and be tested and they’ve come back negative. We’ve communicated with the families and worked with them.”

Adamek said the district is still recommending following the current A/B hybrid schedule with virtual Mondays.

“We’re looking at the best way to have our kids in front of their teachers as much as possible,” said Adamek.

Principal Brian McDowell said things were also going well at the high school. “School is moving along well. We’re starting to settle into a groove.  They’re doing fine with masks and everything we’re asking them to do,” said McDowell.

“The teachers are doing an excellent job of adjusting on the fly. We’re all learning something new at this point. We’re encountering parents that are positive and trying to work through to a conclusion,” said McDowell.

Middle School Principal Patricia Weber acknowledge some difficulties with the online Fairfield Area Cyber Education (FACE) system. “We are experiencing learning curves with FACE. I know parents and students are experience some technical issues.  We’re addressing those. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding,” said Weber.

Elementary School Principal Barbara Richwine said the elementary school students were “falling into a great routine.”

Sports Events Attendance and Streaming Revisited

During public comment, Fairfield resident Jack Liller asked if it would be possible to allow some visitors into the away stands at the football games. “The CDC says we have to follow social distancing rules.  But our football field sits there with bleachers on the visitors’ side that are completely empty,” said Liller.

Adamek responded that there was an agreement among the school districts that the visitor’s stands would not be used at the games. Athletic Director Crystal Heller was not at the meeting to respond to Liller’s comment.

Liller also suggested that a company might be hired to install video cameras on the football field which would allow people to watch the games from home. He proposed using a company that would set up the cameras and in which people would pay a monthly fee to watch the live streams or to record the games.

Liller said the cost of the installation to the district would be for installation, power, and internet service and that the district would get 30 percent of the revenue.

McDowell said the district had already looked into the service but that there was a backlog in getting the system installed and that the current system of streaming the game via YouTube, manned by volunteers, would remain in place for now.

Business Manager Amy Simmons said between 30 and 40 families were using the daily free lunch service offered by the district.

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