“Season of Wishes” Will Bring the Holiday Spirit to Gettysburg [Episode 40]

The annual Gettysburg Christmas Festival has been reconceptualized in this time of COVID-19 as a six-week long “Season of Wishes,” running from now until January 1, 2020.

The online calendar for the event describes a smorgasbord of online and in-person opportunities for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the “Hallmark Card” feel of Gettysburg at Christmas.

In this episode I talk with Deb Adamik and Dru Neil from the local nonprofit Main Street Gettysburg about the Season of Wishes.

“We are going to invite people to Gettysburg to celebrate a quiet family-memories type experience. You can drive through town and take pictures, with your family.  There will be memory stops and wishing wells.  The idea is to inspire people,” said Adamik.

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Musical Introduction by Daddy Long Legs.

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