Seminary’s Schmucker House gets an update

The Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary’s Schmucker House, located at the corner of Seminary Ridge and Springs Ave on the seminary campus is getting an update.

The current focus is on the home’s two porches, including a large wraparound porch, but future updates may be on the horizon.

The house is currently home to the administrative offices of the Seminary Ridge Museum, containing offices, library reference materials, and a conference room.  The museum holds small meetings and receptions in the building.

“The house dates from 1833 but it’s had several renovations,” said the museum’s executive director Peter Miele. “There was a major renovation in 1895 when the wraparound porch was added,” he said.

The house served as the home of Professor Samuel S. Schmucker during his long tenure at the Seminary.

Miele said the museum was doing well and that its presence in the Schmucker house has been good for it. “It’s worked out really well. We want to use this house and we want it to be seen and enjoyed,” he said.

Miele said the museum is now at 95 percent of its pre-COVID visitation levels. “Membership is increasing,” he said.

“Groups are back; schools are back,” said the museum’s outreach director Rob Williams.  “We have a unique experience to be able to connect with all audiences.”

“The home has a lot of layers and history.  It’s part of our mission to share that,” said Miele.

Miele said the home has been important in the history of the seminary and religious thought “Important thinking in Lutheran thinking was happening here,” he said.

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