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Slideshow: Adams County Community Foundation Giving Spree Raises $2.1 Million for Local Nonprofits

While others donated online from their computers, members of local non-profits lined the driveway at the Gettysburg High School on a warm November afternoon yesterday to thank people dropping off their donations at the tenth annual Adams County Community Foundation Giving Spree.

“This year’s virtual event once again demonstrated the generosity of this community. Through 7,000 individual gifts received online, by mail, and through car windows, donors contributed a total of $2.1 million for Adams County,” said Community Foundation President and CEO Ralph Serpe.

About 100 nonprofits benefited from the event.

“In a year of extraordinary community needs, Adams Countians proved ready to meet the challenge. This year’s Giving Spree total represents a 65% increase over the 2019 total, and triple the total of the 2018 Giving Spree,” said Serpe. 

More details of this year’s Giving Spree results, including the amount raised for each of the 95 participating nonprofits, will be provided on December 11 at the “Big Reveal” event, which will livestream on Facebook at 10:00 a.m.

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