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Study Reveals Secret to Eating Candy “Mindfully”

Researchers at Gettysburg College have published a study that reveals the secret to eating candy more mindfully. The study, published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, suggests that people can get more enjoyment from smaller portions of candy if they fully engage their senses when consuming it.

The research team, led by Psychology Prof. Brian Meier, believes that eating candy mindfully can help reduce portion size and calorie intake. They found that people who focus on the sensory properties of candy experience less enjoyment in eating it.

“The opportunity I had to be Prof. Meier’s research assistant and partake in the publication of the ‘Less Is More’ study about mindful eating was one of the most valuable pieces of my undergraduate career,” said Rachel Nori, a Gettysburg College graduate student.

“Working in the lab, I got to understand social psychological research in an in-depth, practical way. This has helped me immensely not only in expanding my base of knowledge and comprehension but also in my graduate school pursuits.”

The study findings suggest that mindful eating could be a valuable strategy for reducing weight and improving nutrition. They recommend that people take steps to reduce their snack food consumption and focus on eating healthier foods.

“I truly appreciated the opportunity to participate in this research with Prof. Brian Meier, who was also my faculty advisor,” said Oluwatobi, a lead technologist for Booz Allen Hamilton.

“Being brought into the study development process and learning from a faculty member with so many years of experience was, looking back, pivotal to my college career.”

The research team hopes that the study will encourage people to adopt mindful eating habits and make a difference in their fight against obesity and other chronic diseases.

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