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Cheery Birds have landed at the Connection!

Our Adams County nonprofits are struggling because of COVID-19. For some, there is an increased demand for services due to the health and economic impact. Others are unable to run the programs that support their operations.

Together, let’s support local nonprofits, show community spirit, & have FUN!


Cheery Birds, small wooden birds, are flocking to Adams County to support our nonprofits and brighten our community. For each Cheery Bird decorated and displayed, $20 will go to the Adams County nonprofit of your choice. A local donor has established a fund to enable you to designate the nonprofit that you would like to receive a $20 donation. It’s up to you!

Here’s how you can help right now!

  • Pick up a free, unpainted Cheery Bird from a distribution location in Gettysburg. (Adams County Community Foundation, Blue & Gray, Hollabaugh Bros. Market, Ragged Edge, SCCAP, & Upper Crust)
  • Decorate your bird and display it where passersby can see it.
  • Post a photo of your bird on Facebook Cheery Birds group or Instagram with #cheerybirds, or e-mail a photo to picketfencebrigade@gmail.com. Include the name of the nonprofit that you choose to receive a $20 donation!
  • That’s it. Simple.

If your bird seems lonely, Join a Flock of Cheery Birds! Flocks are forming at Adams County Community Foundation, Hollabaugh Bros. Market, Majestic Theater, Open Minds, Ragged Edge, SCCAP, & Upper Crust! Simply drop your bird off or follow instructions posted on the window. Or, start your own flock … just be sure to get permission from the owner of the location!

For the kids … Cheery Birds are a great family arts-and-crafts activity during stay-at-home days. Use them to teach your kids about our community and philanthropy!

Although no donation on your part is required to participate in Cheery Birds, please consider donating directly to a local nonprofit on your own, too. Regardless of where you choose to donate, please note Cheery Birds in the memo. Every dollar counts as we navigate the effects of this global pandemic on our community. — Thanks.


Which non-profits will be eligible to receive the $20 donation from the anonymous donor?

All nonprofit organizations that participated in the 2019 Giving Spree, sponsored by the Adams County Community Foundation, are eligible. For a list, go to the Adams County Community Foundation’s website, or click here, or google “giving spree.”

When will the $20 donations end?

As of now, our fund is $10,000 and will run out after 500 birds are posted!

What if I can’t decide to which organization to donate?

Send your check to the Cheery Birds Fund, c/o Adams County Community Foundation, 25 South 4th St., Gettysburg, PA 17325. Grant distribution will be decided on by a committee of civic-minded community members who are in tune with local non-profits. All gifts to the Cheery Bird Fund will be granted before the end of 2020.

How many birds may I have?

One per person, please. But, if you want to pick up for others in your household, that’s fine; just please limit your pick up to 5 birds.

What if I want to join a flock, but I want to get my bird back?

It’s possible. Write your name and e-mail on the back of the bird and arrangements can be made.

Where did the birds come from?

Many were purchased from a crafter on Etsy who offered a generous discount. Some were made by local woodworkers. We’re anticipating that we’ll need more birds! Woodworkers, please help! If you can make and donate birds, please e-mail picketfencebrigade@gmail.com.

Who is behind Cheery Birds?

The Picket Fence Brigade, a small, informal group of community members who come together to help nonprofits and the people of Adams County. The Brigade does not accept donations. If you’d like to support this effort, please consider a gift to The Cheery Birds Fund (see above). If you’d like to learn more, e-mail picketfencebrigade@gmail.com

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