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The Greatest Job in the County 

Robyn Woods, Youth Services Librarian 

Readers of all ages it is my pleasure to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about having one of the greatest jobs in the county. My name is Robyn Woods and I am the Youth Services Librarian at the Adams County Library System. My smallest friends know me as “Miss. Robyn.” I also serve as the Youth Services Coordinator for the Library system. Several workers wear many hats in their professions and I am no exception. One of those hats just happens to be a “Cat in the Hat” hat which I got to wear on Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Being the Youth Services Librarian is a joy of mine.  What other job can you wear your pajamas for pajama storytime, help kids and teens decorate cupcakes, or sit on the floor and sing (slightly off-key) to babies? I also get to share my passion for reading and being a lifelong learner. 

I have many jobs here at the library that support the community here in Gettysburg and support each of the branches county-wide. Each of these jobs whether they are big or small contributes to the larger library ecosystem. The library provides a community resource that is not found anywhere else and I am honored to play a role in it.  

People will say to me “you must have the most fun job” and many days that is true. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks that go into a job like mine. I am the person you all read about in math problems. If Robyn buys 24 oranges and 12 apples how many fruits does she have altogether? I would have 36 fruits for a program at the library.  After buying the fruits I would then have to set up all of the tables and chairs to go with them. But, before I could even step into the grocery store I would have to plan the program, pick out appropriate books on apples and oranges, create the digital content about the program and get the word out about my fruit program. It is a real If you Give a Mouse a Cookie scenario.  

When I am not creating programs I can be found at childcare centers across the county doing storytimes, giving away free books at the Farmers’ Market, or buying new books. I get to order some of the fabulous books that are read by library users every day. Once those books come in I make sure that they find their new home whether that be on the shelf here or at one of our branches.  

Because I work in the largest library in the system I am responsible for the storage and distribution of items. Some of the items that are kept here are STEM kits, educational kits, holiday books, and seasonal books. So the next time you’re at a branch and see a new Spring book it probably came from our seasonal storage. 

If you think my job sounds great and are interested in volunteering please go to our website www.adamslibrary.org. You can find out how to be a volunteer under “Support The Library” You can also find out the many ways in which you can support the library. Or if you’re interested in learning about becoming a librarian but are unsure where to start come on down to the library I am happy to help.  

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