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The many offerings of the Adams County Library System

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My name is Sara Edmiston and I am the Public Services Director at the Gettysburg Library.  I’ve been with the library system for roughly seventeen years, and in that time, I’ve served in multiple positions throughout the library, and am happy to be back in a position where I am interacting with the public on a daily basis. 

My staff and I are generally the people you see first when you enter the Gettysburg Library.  We are the ones who check your items out to you and place items on hold for you.  We assist you with the computers, the copiers and the fax machine.  We’re on hand to troubleshoot with you why you may be having trouble accessing the cloudLibrary, Freegal, or Mango Languages.

As well as working with the public, I also evaluate our digital resources such as Brainfuse JobNow, cloudLibrary and Heritage Quest.  Our priority is serving the needs of the residents of Adams County, so as I’m looking at the various resources that are available, I always keep that in the back of my mind. 

My staff and I also handle some of the behind-the-scenes work of the library.  Any items that are returned to the Gettysburg Library are checked in by my staff.  If someone places a hold on an item and wants it sent from the Gettysburg Library to Carroll Valley or one of our other locations, we ensure that the item gets into the delivery bags in a timely manner.  Hundreds of library items flow through our area on a daily basis.

Interlibrary Loan is also part of Public Services.  If the library system doesn’t own the item someone is looking for, we search for it and try our best to get it from another library. 

One of the favorite parts of my job is managing the Library by Mail program.  Any resident of Adams County who is temporarily or permanently handicapped, elderly or ill and is physically unable to visit one of our locations is eligible for Library by Mail.  The library mails regular print or large print books, audio books and DVDs to the residences of those participating in the Library by Mail program.  This is done at no cost to the program participants.  When a participant is finished with their items, they mail them back to the library (again, at no cost to the participant).  Upon receiving the returns, I will then pull more library materials and the process repeats itself.  Those who participate in the program can (and do) request specific titles.  I have gotten to know some very lovely people who participate in this program and I thoroughly enjoy being able to give personalized library service to those who cannot visit us.

One last thing that I oversee is the programming for adults at the Gettysburg Library.  My staff and I try to find a variety of fun and educational programs to host on a variety of topics each month.  Upcoming programs are listed on the library system’s website as well as our 3-month calendar.

When I’m not at the library, you can find me trying out new recipes in my kitchen or watching documentaries.  I’ll soon be getting my hands dirty preparing my yearly tomato plot.

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