The study on a trail to the new Historical Society location is ready for borough council consideration

The new facilities for the Adams County Historical Society(ACHS)are approximately two-tenths of a mile north of the Borough of Gettysburg, and sidewalks along Carlisle Street end at the borough line.  It is anticipated that many students from Gettysburg College and residents that live near the college will want to walk or ride a bicycle to the new facilities.  Residents and visitors throughout Gettysburg may want to ride a bicycle to the facilities.  However, there is no safe way to do this, and walking on the shoulder, where the speed limit is 40 mph, is not a good option.

Consequently, Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (HABPI) has taken the lead in an effort to create a safe, multiuse biking and walking path from the Borough of Gettysburg to the new ACHS facilities on Route 34 (Biglerville Road).   Andrew Dalton from the ACHS is working with HABPI on this effort.  A feasibility study for the best location and design of the trail was conducted by C.S. Davidson, Inc., the borough engineering firm.  The study is now complete and will be presented at the Gettysburg Borough Council Work Session on April 24.  The study analyzed several possible routes for the trail and calculated cost estimates for building each route.  Anyone can attend the meeting at the borough hall or watch the meeting live on Community Media of South Central PA ( or watch it later online.  Questions and comments about the trail study and meeting can be emailed to –

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