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U.S. Senator Bob Casey visits Adams County

Third-term U.S. Senator Bob Casey met with about 40 members of the Adams County Democratic Committee at the Charlie Sterner building in the Gettysburg rec park on Friday afternoon. The meeting was an informal session to talk with grass roots volunteers.

Topics covered broader political issues as well as those of interest to Adams County residents, including broadband access and the use of Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

sen casey visit1

Casey was introduced by the committee chair Marcia Wilson who noted the senator’s accomplishments and current committee appointments and introduced the people who were in attendance.

In his remarks, Casey gave updates on current happenings in Washington, the benefits the county was receiving from ARPA funds, and encouraged people to keep working for democratic ideals.

“His demeanor is so calm and reassuring.  He generally cares about people,” said Wilson “He spoke individually with every person there.”

The Democratic (and Republican) county committees will have new representation after the May primary election as new candidates will be on the ballot.

Each Adams County precinct can elect up to two committee members, each elected for 4-year terms. According to state law, the elected committee members then vote for a committee chair, vice chair, and treasurer. The chair then appoints a secretary and may appoint other standing officers.

“Every election, whether we win in this county or not, our votes count,” said Wilson.

Casey is expected to return to Gettysburg in the near future for a larger campaign event.

Featured image by Marcia Wilson.


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