Understanding Your Gettysburg Borough Storm Water Bill [Episode 7]


If you own a property in Gettysburg Borough, you’re going to receive your first annual storm water fee in the mail this week.

If you have an average home in the borough, your fee will be $100. If that seems a lot, you might feel a bit better knowing that Gettysburg College is going to receive a bill for about $100,000.

The fee is the end result of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1948 and the Clean Water Act, which was signed by President Nixon in 1972, and will allow the borough to manage the rainwater that falls in the borough as required by those regulations.

In this podcast I speak with Mike Malewicki, chair of the Gettysburg Borough Stormwater Authority. Malewicki describes the origins of the fee and the many benefits of containing storm water runoff. He also explains how your fee is calculated and now you may be able to reduce it in the future.



There is a transcription of the podcast available here, and there is also a lot of information available on the Gettysburg Borough Stormwater Authority webpage.

Malewicki mentions a video that was produced by the storm water authority, and you can see that here.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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