Use your local library to help you improve your skills and find a job

By Sara Edmiston, ACLS Public Services Director

With COVID-19, we have seen a rise in the number of people coming into the Gettysburg Library to use our library computers to apply for and search for job opportunities.  For those who may be looking for new career opportunities, the library system also subscribes to a service called Brainfuse JobNow.  JobNow offers live job coaching, real-time interview practice, a full-service resume lab and access to local job resources and much more.  You may access JobNow on any library computer or through the eLibrary portal on our website,

When you log into JobNow, using your library card, you’ll be able to create an account to save your work by clicking on the My Account link in the upper right corner of the page.  You must create an account in order to use the live services and to take practice exams.  The main portion of the page is set up in three sections: Resume, Job Interviews and Career.

Under Resume, users are able to get live resume assistance from experts.  Experts are normally available every day from 2pm – 11pm.  There are also resume templates that you can download and use to fill in your own information – once a resume template is downloaded and filled in, it can then be submitted to the Resume Lab in order to receive expert feedback.

In the Job Interviews section, there is also live interview coaching (available at the same time as the live resume expert), listings on interview tips, and a list of resources selected by experts to help you prepare for interviews.

The Career section of JobNow is much fuller.  Yes, there is live job coaching with experts who will assist with job searching, applying and preparation, but there’s so much more.  Sections include Career Assessments (including aptitude tests), which is the perfect place to start looking for a career that matches your personality and interests; SkillSurfer, which is the Learning Library that includes a variety of lessons on things like Research and Presentation Skills, College Placement Tests, and Unemployment Benefits Assistance; and eParachute which is another resource to discover college majors and careers that match your interests and skills. 

In addition to JobNow, the library system recently became a partner in Google’s “Grow with Google” initiative.  Grow with Google offers training, tools and resources that help people grow their digital skills, which are necessary in today’s world.    Every month the Gettysburg Library is offering a Grow with Google session on a variety of topics.  We’ve held sessions on creating a career plan and recruiter insights into landing the job you want.  Soon to come will be sessions on how to use Google’s Productivity Tools, how to develop your problem solving skills, and how to develop negotiating skills.  These sessions are already scheduled and can be found on the library’s Event Calendar on the website.  More sessions will continue to be added based on the needs of our community.

Of course the library has public computers available to everyone and the staff is more than able to assist with any basic computer needs.  If you need more assistance, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment at the library and bring your own device in for one-on-one assistance with a library staff member. 

There are more resources available at the library and our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with your needs no matter which branch of the Adams County Library System you decide to visit.

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