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Variety is the spice of the Farmers Market

A local chef brings the flavors of representation to an Adams County Farmers Market’s demonstration June 5.

Showcasing the variety of products offered by the market, chef Fabio Carella showed the simplicity of cooking with local ingredients.

“We are representing the market today,” he said.

Various market products were incorporated into the amalgamation demo including fresh baguettes from DaddyBoy Bake Shop, tomatoes and zucchini from Hilltop Farm Market, strawberry-basil jam from Wild Juniper Farm, and sausages from Chapel Ford Farm.

Carella adorned slices of baguettes with different varieties of goods to create a symphony of market flavors in every bite.

Chef Fabio Carella prepares zucchini during a food demo at Adams County Farmers Market June 5.

“Cooking takes less time than ordering delivery,” he said.

A prominent member of the community, Carella is also the founder of Fabio’s Events and Catering and teaches cooking classes at Adams County Arts Council.

“Small communities are the best. Gettysburg is a lot like the Hallmark movies,” he said.

Carella praised Adams County Farmers Market not only as a one stop shop for local products, but also a gathering center for the entire community.  

“On a beautiful day like this, it’s good to walk around and run into people you’re too busy to see otherwise,” he said.

With summer in full swing, the outdoor market is excited to bring back live demos and sampling, according to Adams County Farmers Market Association (ACFMA) Board Chair Kathleen Glahn, who is also the owner of Wild Juniper Farm.

Demonstrations are an important way for the market community to see in-season products in a new light, she said.

“It inspires new recipes and shows how easy it is,” Glahn said.

Pouring his passion in the food, Carella joyously presented the edible representations of the market to enthusiastic shoppers.

Using flavorful ingredients and simple equipment, cooking doesn’t have to complex to be worthwhile, and with little effort, anyone can relish cooking, according to Carella. 

“All you need is what you have,” he said.

For more information about Adams County Farmers Market and events, visit https://www.acfarmersmarkets.org/.

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A.L. Grabenstein, reporter, is a graduate of Philadelphia's La Salle University with a B.A in Communication and has been a journalist since 2016. She has reported for the Gettysburg Times and the Times Herald in Norristown, PA. Grabenstein moved to Gettysburg from Montgomery County in 2019. She was born in San Antonio, TX., and previously lived in Virginia, and North Carolina. Grabenstein is actively involved in the borough of Gettysburg and loves giving voices to the local community.

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