Virtual Red Sand Project Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking Victims

It is estimated that human trafficking is a $150 billion industry with more than 40 million victims around the globe.

You can become part of a growing movement to raise awareness about human trafficking victims and survivors who “fall through the cracks of our social, economic, and political systems, or those of our personal consciousness.”

Please join YWCA Hanover Safe Home and more than 1 million participants all over the world on January 29 for an act of remembrance for victims and survivors of human trafficking in our communities and around the world.

As part of this year’s virtual program, Safe Home will provide small envelopes of red sand to be poured into the cracks of sidewalks. We are asking that participants record themselves pouring the sand, then send the pictures or videos to to be included on our YWCA Hanover social media.

If you are interested in participating and would like to request sand, please contact us at 717-637-2125.

YWCA Hanover Safe Home serves victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in the Hanover/Gettysburg community.

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