Adams County COVID-19 Updates

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Page Updated February 15, 2021

This page provides statistics and news stories about COVID-19 that are relevant to Adams County residents. The reports and maps are compiled and edited from announcements, press releases, and conversations with organization officials.

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Adams County stands now at 6,959.

The total deaths in the county is now 147.

The county’s positivity rate is at 9.6 percent this week.

6,358 people in the county have been vaccinated at least once.

Please check the Pennsylvania Department of Health website and our Pennsylvania news stories page for more information.

Coronavirus testing is available from doctors and health centers, with swabs being sent for analysis to the department of health lab in Exton, PA or to commercial laboratories.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus please contact your doctor or urgent care.

All Maps Courtesy of Curt Musselman