Volunteers help clean up the Gettysburg Community Theatre

A recent project at the Gettysburg Community Theatre has been the painting of an interior stairwell. Given the three levels of the building, handrails, doorways and other items involved, the job has required many hours of work, added by the care necessary to keep access to the theatre itself neat and clean. Volunteers such as Mike Flaherty and Sharon Kaya provided valuable help. 

The large building, which was formerly the Elks Lodge, has had GCT reside in it since 2009. The building contains not only the theatre space for the stage and audience, but also studios, costume/prop storage, scene shop, offices, etc. This large building means that much maintenance is involved and requires many volunteers for upkeep, odd jobs, and more behind the scenes.

Mike Flaherty and Sharon Kaya, two volunteers at Gettysburg Community Theatre, painting one of the stairwells inside the building.

As the only full time community theatre in Adams County, GCT has produced hundreds of performances by children and adults, and as the pandemic eases, the GCT Board hopes to be back to a very full schedule once again. Events, class registration, auditions, and more is available at GettysburgCommunityTheatre.org

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