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WE Women Empowered presents WE Wednesday: Grace: You’re Worth It!

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WE Women Empowered presents WE Wednesday: Grace: You’re Worth It! The event features Kelley Latta, speaker, author, and entrepreneur! The inspiration starts at 6:00 p.m., May 18 at Comfort Suites, 945 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg. This in-person event is free and open to all current, aspiring, or retired professional women. However, registration is required. For more information and to register for the event, visit WE Women Empowered’s website at https://wewomenempoweredpro.org/.

Have you found yourself offering grace to those around you, seemingly all the time? Sometimes the same person multiple times? Do you get frustrated with yourself when you have a personal conflict with a work meeting, miss a deadline, a friend’s phone call, or “let” your child walk out the door for the umpteenth time without his lunch box?

Why is it we can offer grace to others readily, but not to ourselves? And why does it seem so much harder since the pandemic hit and things have “returned to normal?”

Kelley Latta will help us explore this conundrum. She will empower us to give ourselves grace, for we are worth it!

Kelley is a Bible teacher and event speaker who passionately teaches believers how to approach Christ through His Word so they can live transformed. But she is also a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur.

She is inspiring and will help us see we are worth the grace we give to others. Just as we accept others where they are and allow them to provide what they can, we need to do the same for ourselves. Where are we? What can we provide today at this moment?

WE’s mission is to support, honor, and celebrate the rewards and challenges of experienced and emerging professional women living or working in the greater Adams County area through social, educational, and non-partisan opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

WE’s vision is to meet the needs of both experienced and emerging professional women in the greater Adams County area by providing a safe and supportive environment for members to share their talents and expertise to inspire and empower one another.

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