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WellSpan Committed to Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotics are powerful, life-saving drugs that have revolutionized the way we treat many common infections. Unfortunately, when used incorrectly, antibiotics can become dangerous, ineffective, and even cause death.

Antibiotic resistance is the buildup of resistant bacteria that can occur when antibiotics are not used correctly or for the right conditions. This can lead to prolonged and costly medical treatment, as well as an increased risk of infection spreading to others.

WellSpan is committed to ensuring that its providers prescribe and use antibiotics correctly and for the right conditions. We are working with the WellSpan community to educate patients and healthcare providers about the importance of antibiotic stewardship.

Some common examples of antibiotic misuse include prescribing antibiotics for colds, sinus infections, or ear infections when they are not effective. Other common causes include overusing antibiotics to treat symptoms that do not require antibiotic treatment, or taking antibiotics for longer than the prescribed duration.

Antibiotic misuse can have serious consequences. The most commonly reported side effect is diarrhea, which can lead to severe colon damage or even death. Other serious side effects include severe allergic reactions and antibiotic-resistant infections.

In addition to the individual risks of antibiotic misuse, there are also risks for the wider community. When antibiotics are misused, they can contribute to the spread of antimicrobial resistance. This can lead to more difficult and costly medical treatment for patients in the future.

WellSpan is committed to promoting antibiotic stewardship and ensuring that its providers follow the best practices for the appropriate use of antibiotics. We are also working with community partners to raise awareness about the issue and promote the responsible use of antibiotics.

Individuals can also play their part by understanding the risks and benefits of antibiotics before taking them. They should also talk to their healthcare provider about any side effects or concerns.

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