“A Gettysburg Christmas” finishes third day of shooting

The cast and crew of “A Gettysburg Christmas Festival” wrapped its third day of shooting with an interior at Lark Gift Shop this evening.

Film spokesperson Kris Webb said filming would continue tomorrow around Lincoln Square, but no set time has been announced.

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“Things are going super well. No matter how many challenges there have been, it’s really going great,” said Webb. “Everybody is working their tail off.”

The film, adapted from a novel of the same name by Chris Rupp, is the story of a family that is reunited in Gettysburg. The film is being shot at various locations around the county including the Dobbin House, the Farnsworth House, the Blue and Gray Pub, and the Christmas Haus in Gettysburg, as well as at Showers Tree Farm in Aspers.

The film stars Lee Majors as the Christmas Spirit and Bruce Boxleightner as the father. Kate Vernon plays the mother. Kelley Jackle is the daughter, and Sean Faris plays Nick, Kelly’s love interest.

Webb said actor Jake Busey had joined the cast for a few days to enact his role as a local, tenderhearted bartender.

About half of the shoot is expected to be in a rented farmhouse set in the orchards of Upper Adams County.

A shoot at Sachs Covered Bridge with (artificial) snow and a horse and sleigh which will serve as the opening scene was shot yesterday, and more shooting is expected there in the next weeks.

“You can’t imagine how many people it takes,” said Webb. The cast is expected to have its first full day off on Sunday – “We don’t know what they’re going to do with it.”

“The cast and crew are enjoying Gettysburg,” said Webb, “They think Gettysburg is a very special town.”

“When we walk around we see such a big span of our town.  But a camera really hones in. When you look behind the camera, the highlights and the angles make Gettysburg look completely different. It’s the best eye candy you can get,” said Webb.

The crew is expected to wrap the shoot in early February.

Featured image: Scene from the Sachs Covered Bridge Shoot [Courtesy of Sonya Showers]

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Susan Flickinger
Susan Flickinger
1 year ago

Working as an extra has been a great experience. Everyone in the cast and crew are friendly and easy to work for.

1 year ago

I couldn’t be more excited or happy about this movie. Christmas time in Gettysburg is always special.

Is the release date aimed for this Christmas? (December 2023?)

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