A Message From the Publisher

It’s another new day here in Adams County in a week where things suddenly feel very different.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s day, which is usually a time of joy and celebration as spring approaches. But this week doesn’t feel like that.

It’s the middle of the semester but the college students have already gone home for the year. The schools in the county are closed, as are the churches. Bars and restaurants are empty. The governor has ordered every business that is not essential for keeping us alive to close.

People and businesses are facing severe financial losses.

Our political leaders, including the president and governor, have asked us to do what we can – and what we can do is to stay home.

And this week has brought the first cases of COVID-19 to our county. We must act now. The reason is simple: The virus is spreading rapidly and people are getting sick from it. Some people are getting really sick and need hospitalization.

The Gettysburg Hospital is a small one. If even fifty people in the county need emergency care at the same time it will be overwhelmed. If there are one hundred or even five hundred sick people then I can’t imagine what it will be like.

Please stay home so you don’t catch the virus.

I have started this forum to allow you to express your needs, your ideas, your hopes and your concerns with Adams County residents.

The forum is a safe and quiet place, away from the bustle of Facebook and Instagram, to be honest and forthcoming.

It’s also a place where we can update each other with what we know and what we are doing to help others.

News about the virus keeps coming and I keep updating the website. Please check in regularly.

We’re in this together and I appreciate your support.

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Charles Stangor is Gettysburg Connection's Publisher and Editor in Chief.