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ACFM vendor Rebel Ridge Farm provides honey, barbecue sauce, community commitment, and more

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Hello everyone, my name is Reza Djalal and I am the Market Manager/Program Director for the Adams County Farmers Market located in Gettysburg, PA. Our community-driven farmers market relies on the hard work and dedication of many great vendors, which is why I am excited to be working with Gettysburg Connection on a monthly column to highlight some of the vendors who participate with us. Our family of vendors is critical for the success of the market, so I hope you will enjoy learning more about these great family-run businesses and local farms.

The first vendor we will be highlighting is Rebel Ridge Farm in Littlestown, PA. Rebel Ridge Farm is owned and operated by Brandi Coghill, David Wildey, and their 5 children. The Rebel Ridge team have many passions which come together to create a successful, thriving, and truly unique business here in Adams County. They are beekeepers, animal-lovers, growers, homesteaders, educators, and more.

rebel ridge farm, littlestown pa

Rebel Ridge Farm had humble beginnings as a family homestead. Brandi grew up learning about farm life from her grandparents, and she spent her summers canning, freezing, and “putting up” what they grew for year-round use. Brandi’s grandparents helped her cultivate the values of wasting nothing and sharing excess with neighbors, and she has worked to instill those values in the next generation. “I wanted the same for my family,” Brandi told me. “Teaching our kids to be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given.”

Rebel Ridge Farm has now begun to blossom into an impressive and multifaceted local agribusiness. The family works together to produce very high quality, sustainably produced honey from their PA state licensed and inspected apiary. They also make varieties of delicious, flavored honey which have been a big hit amongst farmers market shoppers. Rebel Ridge Farm has other great items, too, including lotions and soaps for self-care, and also some of the tastiest barbecue sauce around. Everything they produce comes out of things they are passionate about, as well as input from their valued customers. “Customers provide a lot of feedback,” Brandi said. “They suggest ideas or ask if we could try something.” Their honey is also now PA Preferred.

However, the most important thing that Rebel Ridge Farm brings to the Adams County Farmers Market isn’t any single product, but rather their commitment to benefiting the community. The Rebel Ridge team makes education a central part of their mission, which helps customers learn more about the food they eat as well as the importance of sustainability. “I love connection and relationships,” Brandi told me. “If we can use those connections to help one another, teach and learn from one another, share ideas, then we leave each other and the world better. Teaching about our bees helps raise awareness of their importance and how the smallest things can make a difference.”

Rebel Ridge Farm is a prime example of how businesses thrive when they are responsive and receptive to the needs of the community they serve. It’s clear that this family-run business is driven by a community-focused mission, and they have certainly been well received by the community at the Adams County Farmers Market. You can follow along with the family and the growth of their business on their Facebook page.

I hope everyone will come out and say hello to Rebel Ridge Farm, and all of our other great vendors, at the Adams County Farmers Market this season. Find us in downtown Gettysburg at 108 North Stratton Street from 8am-1pm every Saturday until the end of October.

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Reza Djalal is the Market Manager/Program Director for the Adams County Farmers Market. You can reach him at: manager@acfarmersmarkets.org, or learn more about the farmers market at: www.acfarmersmarkets.org.

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