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Adams County Elections and Voter Registration Office Relocates

The Adams County Board of Elections and the Adams County Commissioners is pleased to announce that as of Monday, August 7, 2023, the Adams County Elections and Voter Registration Office has officially moved to a new location in the Adams County Emergency Services Building at 230 Greenamyer Ln., Gettysburg.

This strategic relocation marks a significant step forward in enhancing our services to the community and streamlining our election operations. The Adams County ballot drop box will remain in its current location inside the main doors of the Courthouse next to the security station. 

adams county emergency services building

The decision to move was driven by the desire to better serve the citizens of Adams County. The new space offers ample room for our dedicated staff to efficiently carry out their essential election-related responsibilities, ensuring a smooth and seamless voting process for all residents.

One of the primary benefits of the new location is the provision of free parking for the public. We understand that accessibility is of utmost importance to our community members, and this move allows us to offer a more convenient experience for voters who visit the Elections Office for registration, inquiries, or any election-related matters.

“This move allows us to further enhance our services and operations, ultimately providing a more efficient experience for the community as they engage in their civic duties.” said Angie Crouse of the Adams County Elections and Voter Registration Office.

Commissioner Chairman Randy Phiel noted that “In the past several years it is a well-known fact that the requirement for additional election resources and election security has dramatically increased.  Moving the elections office will help address both those issues while enhancing the customer experience.”

Commissioner Jim Martin shared, “With the relocation of the Adams County Election and Voter Registration Office the congested flow of high-volume foot traffic will be mitigated.  This will allow more privacy and personal attention to those that need detailed interaction with county election and registration staff.  

Commissioner Qually, added, “During this past presidential election, our election staff performed at a high level during an incredible challenging election cycle.  With their current space challenges in the courthouse, they need more space to better serve the public.  While I love having their office at the courthouse, this move will help election staff and the public have a more streamlined election process.”

The Adams County Elections and Voter Registration Office remains dedicated to upholding the democratic principles that are the foundation of our nation. With this new location, we are better equipped to carry out our vital responsibilities, ensuring fair and transparent elections while promoting civic participation among our residents.

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Alison Hendon
Alison Hendon
8 months ago

I’m sorry that the ballot drop box isn’t moving to the new building with free parking.

Susan Herrin
Susan Herrin
8 months ago

Headline in the emailI received said the voter registration and tax office will move. This article did not mention anything about the tax office….did I miss something? Thanks

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
8 months ago
Reply to  Susan Herrin

Sorry Susan this is an editor’s error. The tax office is not moving, just the elections office.

Susan Cipperly
Susan Cipperly
8 months ago

I’m glad to hear that the drop box for mail-in ballots will remain in the courthouse entryway, where it is secure and convenient for voters.

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