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Adams County Explorers Challenge: July 13, 2020

This week’s challenge is for explorers of all ages.

Here is the challenge:

If you drive by at exactly 8:00 p.m. you’ll hear a beautiful cacophony from these bells. But where are they?

Answer correctly by Friday to send a $20 donation to SCCAP.

Email: [email protected]

Or text your answer to 442.269.4185

Answer to last week’s challenge:

Adams County Explorers (ACE) is a collaborative adventure between Gettysburg Connection and the Adams County Library System.

The program engages families and people of all ages to learn about their county, to interact with others, and to support local businesses.

The program provides weekly puzzles, challenges, and fun.

Exploring with us also shows your support for Adams County organizations. Each week’s winner will have a donation made to a local non-profit or win a gift certificate to a local business.

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