Adams County Municipal Election Candidates, November 2023

OFFICE: Borough Council

Abbottstown Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Dale Reichert

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: With my experience and knowledge of the area, I will continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of Abbottstown Borough.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have lived near Abbottstown all my life. I have lived in Abbottstown Borough for 37 years giving me a good understanding about the working of Abbottstown Borough. I have served the last 10 years as a member of Borough Council. I served as the Abbottstown Fire Chief for 18 years and have been a member of the Abbottstown Fire Co,/United Hook & Ladder Company #33 for 43 years.

Arendtsville Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Madeline Kuhn

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have lived in Arendtsville Borough for 20 years, and was appointed to council in January of 2023. I graduated from Penn State with my degree in business administration, and am currently back in school to obtain my degree in Mortuary Science.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I look forward to being a voice and an advocate for people in the community. I am currently the youngest member on council, and I believe that will help younger members of the community feel that they are seen and heard.

Butler Township

OFFICE: Supervisor

Josh Crider

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I moved to Butler Township 10 years ago from Shippensburg, PA. My fiancé and I own a small farm where we have greenhouses, and a nursery outside Biglerville, PA. From growing up on a dairy farm in Franklin County to working in agriculture for the majority of my career it is the basis for my strong work ethic, responsibility, initiative, perseverance, being a team player, real-world skills, respect, and humility. I have managed our farm operation from inventory, budgeting, purchasing, and manpower all aspects that go into making a good supervisor. I also have experience with local non-profit clubs and sitting in various elected positions.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I began attending Butler Township supervisor meetings four years ago when Butler Township passed eight ordinances in one year. I soon realized that there were some issues with how things were happening. As I continued to attend meetings, I have seen more and more concerns arise that could have a lasting impact on Butler Township.  I have a strong desire to be a part of the change in making things better for all residents in the township. We need to have forward growth but preserve the community for future generations. I plan to make decisions based on what is good for the township and the taxpayers. One of my main goals is to have better communication with township residents. In attending the township meetings, I have seen too many miscommunications and a lack of communication with the residents. This needs to be improved. Another goal would be transparency with the township. Butler Township is involved in a multi-million dollar building project for a new township building this project has been discussed at township meetings and the township has received a $1 million grant the price tag on this project has continued to increase which will be passed on to the taxpayers. With 48% of Butler Township residents over the age of 55, nearing retirement, and possibly on a fixed income, an increase in taxes could be an issue for them.  

OFFICE: Supervisor

Victor Woerner

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have lived in Adams County for over 58 years with 32 of those years at the same address in Butler Township. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran, a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper, and have over 30 years in law enforcement. I have supervised numerous personnel throughout my career to include enlisted military, active duty police officers, and civilian employees. I currently have the responsibility of managing a local law enforcement agency dealing with budgets, training, and manpower. I believe my experience gives me a strong background to be a competent township supervisor.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: As township supervisor I will provide fair, honest, and transparent representation for the citizens of our township. It is my goal to maintain our rural community, defend against uncontrolled growth, control spending, and not raise taxes. I will work with the other supervisors to seek grants to help maintain and improve our roads and infrastructure. I am committed to listen and learn and be a strong advocate for the residents of Butler Township.

Conewago Township

OFFICE: Supervisor

Averlon Hinds

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: As a seventeen-year resident of Conewago Township and owner of a local small business, AVO Soccer Club, I continue to be committed and invested in this great community. Through self-discipline and love of the people, I make decisions daily to get things done and bring satisfaction. Having invested over $40k in the Plum Creek Community Recreation Facility, known to us locals as Plum Creek Park, I have witnessed the incredible spirit the park brings to our people and the squander that current township supervisors have created. When the township supervisors planted hundreds of trees on open fields, Conewago Township lost the revenue that my soccer club and other ancillary businesses could have brought. Instead of proud parents (and taxpayers) lining sunlit fields and cheering their children in this very popular sport, then taking them out for local treats, hundreds of trees failed to grow substantially or generate more revenue. Meanwhile, current township supervisors shirk their duties to improve and maintain properties and services rendered, not alleviating issues like stormwater runoff, public bathroom needs, and police personnel shortages, while simultaneously they avoid transparent, public, and ethical discussion of a supervisor’s elitist lacrosse club contract. Local residents suffer laborious processes just to obtain a fence permit. But I believe in Conewago Township, in our community, and so I continue to donate funding for the electricity of Plum Creek Park. 

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: To vote for me is to recommit to a thriving vision of Conewago Township. Our kids deserve to pursue their dreams at Plum Creek Park, whether they’ll play more soccer, more basketball, or swing high on more swings. Our residents deserve efficient decisions, transparency of contract deliberations, and a prioritization of the facilities our taxes pay for. Because when Conewago Township thrives, we all win. 

OFFICE: Supervisor

Donald Knight

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Current Supervisor / Conewago Township BOS / I am in my 2nd term and have had the pleasure to serve our community since 2012. 

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: My continued support to the community, as well as the people of Conewago Township that elected me in 2011 and again in 2017. If fortunate enough to be re-elected, my goals are to work effectively and cohesively with the other members of the board to help keep Conewago Township a community in which people want to reside, raise their families, work and play. As always, I will continue to govern with a common sense approach by which and with the skills I’ve learned while being in leadership and management for over 30 years, and a seat on this BOS for 12 years, as well as be diligent and well informed when making my decisions, for they affect all our constituents. 

Conewago Valley Area School District

OFFICE: School Board Director

Beth Farnham

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: As a current CVSD school director, I take seriously my duty to approve great faculty, rigorous curricula, and enriching resources. Aligned with CVSD’s Vision, Mission, and Beliefs, I too believe in a quality public education for all students that grows them academically, physically, emotionally, and socially in a safe environment full of authentic opportunities to develop many skills in order to become well-rounded individuals. Because I also believe that each person in CVSD has intrisic worth, I embrace CVSD’s recent recommittment to Title IX policy. No student, staff member, or volunteer should be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, or handicap/disability. With a degree in Biology, French, and Secondary Education, I understand many aspects of the education system from philosophy through policy. In the past few years, have also spent time in school board meetings, successfully lobbying for improvements to health education. Lastly, there is no decision I make as a school board member that does not impact my family. Not only have my husband and I resided in the Conewago Valley School District as tax-payers for over 15 years, but our children are enrolled in CVSD schools. Proud and humbled to serve the Conewago Valley School District, I relish being a Colonial!

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: In February’s landmark decision, Commonwealth Court ruled that Pennsylvania’s system of heavy reliance on local tax-payers provided neither a “thorough” nor “efficient” means to education for all students as guaranteed through the Pennsylvania Constitution. In other words, there should be more state funding. As a current school board member, I heed the directives of Pennsylvania School Board Association on advocating increased state funding. As CVSD continues its feasability study, I will keep my constituents informed of decisions that will impact us, especially as tax-payers. I will vote for what makes the most sense for our entire community, though the student benefit is my first consideration. Recently, the CVSD school board provided estimates in increased taxes should an increase take place. You can find that information, for example, on my Facebook page here: A vote for me is a renewed commitment to excellence in public education for our students and our community.

Cumberland Township

OFFICE: Supervisor

Warren Sheppard

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: None, but I do have an understanding of small government operations, financial responsibility, and organization. My experience as a business owner and my experience in emergency services has given me insight and knowledge of small government procedures and operations

CANDIDATE STATEMENT:  Like I always have done in life I want to continue to serve my community with a mature, common-sense approach. I believe Cumberland Township is a premier place to live. I attend the township meetings as able and personally know most of the employees of the township. With all the new development, our community is growing and increasing in population.  Those that know me, know that I ‘” Tell it like it is ” and that I am able to work, communicate and listen to concerns with integrity. I believe that everything must be thought out thoroughly, but not dragged out. If elected, I would be honored to join the team of current Cumberland Township Supervisors for the future betterment of our outstanding community.

OFFICE: Supervisor

Shaun Phiel

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: For the past 5+ years I have served on the Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors in the capacity of board member, vice chair, chair and on each of the sub committees.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If re-elected as Cumberland Township Supervisor, my goals are to give needed resources to the staff to serve Cumberland Township residents in the future while continuing the successful financial practices Cumberland Township has had in place for years. I plan to implement more ways to meet the needs of the Township from an urban, agrarian and rural life perspective by listening to Township residents. I am very proud of the addition of Ag Preservation that was added to the budget to help preserve land in Cumberland Township during my time as chair of the finance committee. If re-elected to the Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors I will proudly serve the only Township I have lived in my entire life. 

OFFICE: Supervisor

Jonathan Arnold

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have lived in Cumberland Township for the past 14 years, residing on my wife’s family farm in the Barlow area. I am a graduate of Shippensburg University where I majored in business. I have been employed by two large and local manufacturing companies including ESAB Welding in Hanover, PA and am currently employed at JLG Industries based out of McConnellsburg, PA where I am chair of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers statistics committee. I am currently the President of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church council in Harney, MD and do volunteer work at St. Paul’s, Flags Across Adams County, and for the Gettysburg Area High School Cross Country team.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am committed to listening and learning from the constituents of Cumberland Township in order to become an effective supervisor. I want to work with our local farmers to ensure that the agricultural land that makes our township so beautiful is preserved but also explore options that promote economic stability that generates revenue in order to lower our taxes. I want to work to improve the township’s infrastructure in order to support the increasing population. At the same time promote road safety by increasing road signs, decreasing speed limits where appropriate, and work with the Cumberland Township Police Department by providing them support and adequate funding in order to more efficiently enforce road safety in our community. The basis of my campaign is preservation, economic stability, and community. By working together and accomplishing these goals we will make a positive difference for the constituents of Cumberland Township!

East Berlin Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Robert Larson

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I’ve been a resident of East Berlin borough since 2017 and have had an East Berlin address since 1983. Previously served a 3 year term (1996-1999) on the Board of Directors for the Lake Meade Property Owners Association and a term on the Board of Directors of the Lake Meade Municipal Authority. I am retired (February 2022) after a career in the printing industry where I worked in and also supervised pre-press operations for three different companies over a period of 30 years. I have experience dealing with the public and, keeping the common good as the goal, I believe in fair treatment for all people.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I will make the effort to provide borough residents with sound, effective policies that enhance and promote the well being and prosperity of East Berlin.

Germany Township

OFFICE: Constable

Raymond Shortt

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have held this Office for 18 years

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I will continue to Serve Warrants and perform Peace Keeping duties of this office

Gettysburg Area School District

OFFICE: School Board Director

Alice Broadway

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: As a practicing elementary educator, I care about students and the varied needs in our community. I want the public to be informed about public education, and I believe it is important to have professionally diverse representation on the school board that can speak to different facets of the community. I previously served on the GASD school board and am ready to work with all stakeholders to support our schools. I understand how public schools work and how school board decisions impact the students, teachers, and administration in the district.   I believe it is crucial for a school board member to communicate effectively, asking questions about long term planning, and seeking to better understand what responsibilities and projects are being prioritized. I bring a level of experience to this position to understand this balance and have the communication skills necessary to think critically about our resources. I am ready to engage in discussion surrounding the prioritization of programs, and to communicate outcomes of those decisions clearly to the community. I believe that everyone in our broader school community impacts the education of our students and therefore deserves the facts about the challenges facing education.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If elected, I will do my best to listen, to ask questions, to give voice to underrepresented populations, and to learn from the professional educators who work with our community’s children every day. Supporting our high quality teachers and administrators means treating them like the experts they are in their curricular areas. Public education’s goal is about increasing access to learning, not restricting it. It means funding needed HVAC and facilities projects to maintain a suitable working and learning environment for our schools. It is impossible to run a school without spending any money, however, understanding how larger capital projects are rolled out over multiple school years helps board members vote in an informed way; balancing the amount spent in a fiscally responsible way with meeting the immediate and future needs of the district.  The school board is not the voice of one person, or even nine. It is a body of elected officials who represent an entire community of students, families, teachers, administrators, business owners, home owners, and other constituents. Working together to represent the best interests of that community is difficult work that requires open, honest conversation and the willingness to ask questions to better understand viewpoints that may differ from your own. A school board candidate is a public servant, and should be ready to listen to all stakeholders and take their experiences into consideration. This office is not a place for individual interests. As an educator, I have first-hand knowledge of how important it is to have a leadership team that supports public education and the growth of all students and families. I want to know what issues matter to people in my community, and I want to have more open, honest conversation about how our district’s board can better support the whole community. 

OFFICE: School Board Director

Elizabeth Blanc

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I am a mom of two children one of whom currently attends school in the district and one who is a future GASD student. This gives me a strong sense of dedication to the district. I have spent a number of years working with children of all ages. I had the opportunity to assist in after school programs, work in daycare, and nanny before having my own children.  I then spent five years working in the House of Representatives. I had the opportunity to sit in on committee meetings, work on legislation and assist state representatives in various activities in the PA Capitol. I was able to have a first hand look at the issues the commonwealth faces, but particularly what our educational system faces. I now work in the Department of Human Services which has given me the opportunity to help the most vulnerable in our community, including families with children. My position allows me to assist families in gaining the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I want to help our children, teachers, school staff and parents succeed. This means: quality education, safe and comfortable learning environments for all students, an updated bullying/cyberbullying and hate speech policy, a deep look at the impact of book bans on students, teachers, librarians and school expenses, a promotion of college and tech job readiness,  as well as general school expenses and district taxes. 

OFFICE: School Board Director

Barbara Sonafelt

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: My name is Barb Sonafelt, and I am running for Gettysburg School District Director. I am a Cumberland Township resident who has lived here in Gettysburg area for all together 7 years. I am originally from Monroeville PA, where I was very active in the Gateway Schools and the school board, along with the Zoning Hearing Board and the Planning Commission. I am married and have two sons who currently live in the Monroeville area with my three grandchildren.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I have three major core beliefs when it comes to school districts. 1\.      You are the parents of your children, not the schools. The schools are to provide a basic education for the children to function in society. As their parents, you are to teach and nurture their religious, political and social beliefs. 2\.       We have to trim our household budgets when necessary, so should the district. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions in our own lives, but we make them. Our elected school directors are there to do the same thing, while using your tax dollars wisely. 3\.      Politics has NO place in the School Board. I am a registered republican but that has no bearing on my decisions involving your children, which is why I am running on both sides of the ballot. There should be NO political agendas in our schools. There should be NO indoctrination, NO social engineering, and NO supporting the latest buzz words, ideas or social schemes that involve the children. NONE! School districts should supply a good solid education and that is all.

OFFICE: School Board Director

Michael Dickerson

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: My name is Michael Dickerson, and I am running for re-election, and will be seeking my 2nd term for the Gettysburg Area School District School Board. I am a proud 1993 graduate of Gettysburg High School, and have lived in Adams County since 1991.   I understand the challenges that face public education, that face our community, that face our children, and specifically our district. I am confident that with my experience as current board member along with the key relationships that I have developed with our community, and our districts support staff and administration I can continue to provide valuable insight into the unique challenges and issues facing our district and help solve them.   Gettysburg Area School District is increasingly being met with challenges that significantly threaten the quality of education and the wellbeing of our children. A major issue facing our district is the continued effort to balance taxpayer contributions with the demands of properly funding public education. It is critical that we provide our students and administrators with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and we must always consider the source of the funding required to do so. I’ll continue to search for creative solutions when faced with economic uncertainty.   If re-elected I will continue to prioritize these issues, work collectively to bring common sense solutions, and to help provide our administrators the tools and support necessary to promote a secure, healthy, and productive environment for our children.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: First of all I feel that is important for everyone to understand and define who an elected officials constituents are. In the case of a School Director, or School Board member constituents are not just the electorate that votes a candidate into office. As an incumbent School Board member, I have always approached every task, every vote knowing that MY constituents are the students, teachers, support staff, bus drivers, administrators, coaches, taxpayers, and residents of the district. It is the job of a School Director take into consideration and weigh all options to ensure the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. If re-elected I will not play politics, I will listen, and I will always do what I feel the right thing to do is for our children, the district, and this community. Please consider my experience, my record, and values when making your vote count on Tuesday, May 16th. Thank you! Respectfully, Mike Dickerson

OFFICE: School Board Director

Al Moyer

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: – 36 years in public education as teacher/administrator – 10 years as a school superintendent – 5 years in higher ed. serving as Ed Leadership Coordinator at McDaniel College (half-time professor/half-time administrator – Currently serving as Acting Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent in the Shippensburg Area S.D. – Assisted the Education Dept. at Gettysburg College – Currently serving on the GASD board – Doctoral Degree in Ed Leadership – Many volunteer positions in the community – – Regional Commissioner for AYSO soccer – – Session Leader at Church – – Assist with local boy scouts – -Co-chaired a state wide PSBA committee on Charter School Reform – -Consultant/board member for Adams County Christian Academy – I have 2 daughters who have gone through the GASD and currently 6 grandkids in the school system

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I pledge to do my absolute best to balance the resources of the community with the needs of the school district. I am a product of public schools and credit my experiences with any success I have had. Every decision I make and subsequent vote will be in the best interest of our student body and community. Thank you! Al

Gettysburg Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Brian Hodges

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I Love my community, my neighbors, and the downtown Gettysburg businesses. I am a member of the Adams County Chamber of Commerce, Destination Gettysburg, Inns of the Gettysburg Area, a former board member of the Adams Council Arts Council, and a former member of the Gettysburg Zoning Hearing Board. I have lived in Ward 3 with my wife and three children for 17 years. For 18 years i have owned and operated an award winning bed and breakfast in Ward 1. I have first hand experience in dealing with tourism, fiscal responsibilities, budgeting, and marketing Gettysburg. I have direct knowledge with parking issues, taxation, and zoning issues, as well as all the business permits and regulations that are imposed. I believe my experience can help move the community forward with economic development, while trying to ease the tax burden on our local residents.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am pro-taxpayer, pro-business, and pro-police.  During my door-to-door campaign, nearly every resident I encounter feels disengaged with local government. As such, I propose holding town hall forums during my first term in office. It is time to listen to the public, and I plan on doing that.  A long-term vision is needed for borough operations and parking. I hear from our guests and citizens that it is more expensive to park in Gettysburg than anywhere else in the region. Also, the decision to enforce parking meters on Sundays was not business friendly. Instead of being reactionary, we need a commonsense approach. We have a limited tax base given the National Park. With a landlocked municipality, we need to foster a climate that promotes business opportunities and opposes over regulation with the goal of reducing our overall tax burden. Once elected, I look forward to working with Mayor Frealing and Chief Glenny in making our police department the best agency in Adams County. Thank you for your consideration.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Chad-Alan Carr

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have served on many Non-Profit Boards working together with colleagues for Governance, Policy, Financial Oversight, and best business practices. Prior to being elected to the Gettysburg Borough Council Member At Large position in 2021, I introduced the idea of a Non-Discrimination Ordinance for the Borough of Gettysburg in 2019. This ordinance is inclusive in protecting everyone and is needed because still to this day, there is no Pennsylvania Law that protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity/expression in regards to employment, housing, and public accommodations. Helping to create safe inclusive places and bringing people together is what I’ve done for most of my life.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If elected to Council again to start a new four-year term, I will continue to listen to ideas, feedback, and opinions of Gettysburg Borough Residents, as well as our local business owners and non profit partners. Working together as a team with fellow council members in a bipartisan way is something I am very proud of. I believe communication and being informed is key. I encourage everyone to attend a Council Meeting and see how local Government works for you. We may not always agree, but it’s important for everyone to listen to one another and find common ground. We should all celebrate the things that connect us rather than focusing on things that divide us. I hope to continue bringing people together to help Gettysburg remember that while we are a town based on history, we must look to the future. Let’s get to work. Together.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Kelly Kaiser

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in Environmental Studies. After graduating, I received my degree in Cosmetology. In 2009, I began my dream job of running my own business and have successfully operated Grace Kelly Salon for the last 15 years in the heart of historic Gettysburg

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If elected, I would like to work to bring the community and its small businesses together. Small businesses are the heart of the downtown community. As a hair stylist, I consistently hear the thoughts and concerns of Gettysburg residents regarding various issues. Having been born and raised in the area, I’ve seen Gettysburg grow and come to life. I want to help the community continue to grow and be the best that it can be. As a business owner and a borough resident, I will do everything in my power to look at things in a bipartisan way and listen to the needs of all residents. Working together to strengthen the town, is my main goal.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Shelley Knouse

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have been an Adams County resident my entire life and am now a property and business owner in downtown Gettysburg ward #2. I currently own a retail business in Gettysburg and I am the Board Treasurer at the Gettysburg Community Theatre. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and have previously worked in that field as a clinician and also as a manager and director. I also spent 15 years in the construction field assisting in the bookkeeping, Human Resources, fulfillment of government contracts including reading specification manuals, filling out all required government paperwork and acquiring bonds. I also started a partnership in a trucking company and completed all the required record keeping nationally and locally as well as hiring, firing, managing and dispatching. I also assisted in managing a quarry including obtaining and maintaining ATF and DEP licenses.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I feel that I bring a unique skill set to the council as I have a broad and diverse background and am a problem-solver. I am fiscally responsible, time-sensitive, & proactive. I believe that to maintain a viable business, borough, community; that we need to work together in the best interest of everyone and that we all will need to make individual accommodations so that we all thrive. We do not thrive at the extremes, we thrive when we work cooperatively and find feasible, practical, and proactive solutions instead of functioning in a reactive state. I have vast experience working with a broad range of personalities and the skills to facilitate common ground. Lastly, I value relationships and work hard to apply understanding, compassion and forgiveness.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Kierstan Belle

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Mental Health Worker, Hoffman Homes for Youth Community Ethics Official, Kierstan’s Kids LLC CEO, #Live4Love Inc 2021 Mayoral Candidate Chair, Adams County Advisory Council to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Alternate, Gettysburg Borough Planning Commission Member, Wellspan Health Community Advisory Group Facilitator, Gettysburg Borough Community Policing Member, 2nd Chances Study Group (ReEntry) Adams County Team Adviser, Urban Rural Action

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: When I’m elected to Borough Council, I’ll help our residents make sense of the community we live in. The borough looks like a welcoming place but still needs to feel like one. If the people living in the borough of Gettysburg can’t profess to belong here, then what’s the point? Everyone needs to feel connected to the place they call Home. The more my constituents learn about their home, the more they’ll continue to care about their home, and strengthen the connection. As a council member, my job is to secure that connection. I’ll be intentional about doing so because I value the people. Through active listening and a creative work ethic, I’ll be a better advocate for the balance of residential and touristic needs.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Peter Bales

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I received my bachelor’s degree from Mount St. Mary’s University in Criminal Justice and went on to pursue a certification in Hospitality Management from Cornell. I have spent the last fifteen years working in downtown Gettysburg in the service industry. Through this work, I have formed valuable relationships with visitors, residents, and employees of Gettysburg; and have a unique view of the economics and business end of the Borough. This has given me the tools in management, and insights into our community that I believe are needed on Council, and I feel it is my duty to offer those to the members of my Ward.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If elected, my goal will be to represent the interests of the citizens of Ward 1 and to connect the residents to local government. I wish to bring some of the tenants of hospitality into how the local government interacts with the residents; which can seem inhospitable at times. Specifically, I would work to make the Borough a more comfortable place to be employed, parking for employees who work in town is expensive and difficult to manage. I’ve also heard from the community about the difficulties of affordable and reliable childcare services. These are just a few goals that I would address, with the knowledge that the problems that face us today will be different tomorrow, and my strategies will have to adapt constantly in order to be of service.    

OFFICE: Borough Council

Matthew Moon

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have an extensive background in personnel and project management, and I have served on borough council for 3 years. In that time I have served as the vice-president of the council, chaired the county Overdose Awareness Task Force, and have worked with a Republican colleague to recruit for and staff all of the borough’s 10 authorities, boards, and commissions.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: In the time I have been on council, I have worked to help create and impanel Gettysburg’s Human Relations Commission. Additionally we created a Human Resources Director for the borough staff to help us navigate the employment landscape of the 21st century, which was one of he things I ran on. There is more work to do. We have an ambitious capital improvement plan, which includes a radical redesign of the Baltimore Street corridor. If re-elected, I will continue the work of funding our ever growing public safety needs while working to ensure that every employee is and feels valued in Gettysburg, especially our hard working police and public works teams. There is so much work to do, and I am willing to help. I would appreciate the support of Ward 2 voters.

OFFICE: Borough Council


PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have lived much of my life in Gettysburg’s 3rd ward and have been very active as a parent and community member. I have a long history of board service and volunteer experience that has allowed me to meet many, many people with whom I have had the pleasure of serving. For our community to thrive, it’s vital to form such relationships and partnerships to help organizations meet their goals and effect positive changes. Experience: \*AYSO Coach; Board Secretary \*YWCA Board of Directors, Vice President; Advocacy Committee, member \*Lincoln Cemetery Project Association, Board Secretary \*Interfaith Center for Peace & Justice, Board Member \*Third Ward Concerned Neighbors, Committee Member \*NAACP, local chapter \*NOW, local chapter

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: A true democracy depends on an engaged citizenry whose voices are heard and whose participation ensures that the government is responsive to their needs. As a member of the board, I would promote transparency by offering time and space to meet face-to-face with constituents. And I would promote healthy civil discussions by seeking to understand the perspectives and concerns of all community members. Local politics is not built for partisanship.

Liberty Township

OFFICE: Supervisor

Johnny Gereny

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I served 30 years in the Baltimore City Fire Department and retired as a Battalion Chief. I Currently serve as the Zoning Officer in Littlestown Borough and certified Building Code Official. I serve on the Boroughs Planning Commission and work with the Borough Engineer and Solicitor in all matters pertaining to Zoning and Building Code.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I noticed in in the majority of jurisdiction’s I have worked in from Baltimore City to Adams County the Public Officials tend to forget they are public servants, a high percentage think the public serves them and forget they serve the public. I have served for many years and I enjoy helping the public navigate ordinances in a positive way. I believe being a good supervisor requires two things; knowing how to solve problems and knowing how to deal with people, and the most important dealing with people. I believe anyone with good “people skills” can do this job efficiently. A good supervisor might not have all the answers but knows how to find them and is willing to seek council/input from others to get the best results. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this position to serve.

OFFICE: Supervisor

Walter Barlow

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have been blessed to service the residents of Liberty for the past 6 yrs. And if re-elected I would contuine to work for all of Liberty in a fair and equity manner. My goals or sample to bring leadership that brings all the community to work together through municipal agreements to better our services to all. Through Road services , Municipal Policing, I’m looking for better ways to share cost to offset the inflation that we deal with each day. I think the way we can all come together is by not letting the party lines divide us but coming together and setting down and coming up with ideas on how we can meet everyone’s concerns and issues as a municipality. I hope that you will place your faith in me for another 6 years to serve you is Liberty Township supervisor I look forward to seeing you at the polls on May 16th God bless them all sincerely Walter an. Barlow

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If we elected I will continue to work hard for the betterment of Liberty Township and all of the surrounding townships to help come up with ways that we can meet the needs of all our residents through agreements and other means the atoms County and Department of Aging to bring services to all.

Littlestown Area School District

OFFICE: School Board Director

Luke R. Knotts

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Worked for the Littlestown Burrough as a code enforcer.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Review contracts for projects and have open bidding. Review school preparedness. Encourage public participation at board meetings. Review curriculum to make sure students are getting the best education. Hold the line on taxes.

OFFICE: School Board Director

Nick Lovell

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I am a life-long Littlestown resident and served as the Student Representative to the School Board in high school for three years. I am a 2022 graduate of Littlestown High School, and have attended countless meetings as the representative and as a citizen after graduation. As a recent graduate of the district, and former Student Representative on the school board, I believe that I have a unique perspective and understanding of the school district, and the direction we need to go in helping our students succeed. I know firsthand of the challenges that students face every day, as well as the challenges we face as a district.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I aim to be the voice of the entire community, and represent all stakeholders in the district. I aim to take the politics out of education, and unite the community that I love. My goals are: – To advocate for the best interests of our students – To empower parents to be involved in their children’s education – To utilize and develop our world-class staff to foster a culture of education, not indoctrination – To be a responsible steward of the taxpayer – To work together with students, parents, staff, and the community to best represent all stakeholders in the Littlestown Area School District – To re-instill trust in our school board This is why I am running for the school board. I want to see real change made for students of the district and for the community at-large. I hope that I can earn your vote on May 16 and that we can work together to provide Leadership for the Next Generation.

OFFICE: School Board Director

Fred Miller

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: A long Life of learning. Having Common sense

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Make common sense reforms to the district that would make the district A better place to learn and live. Hold the line on Property taxes.

OFFICE: School Board Director

Duane Sullivan

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Was a sole proprietor of my own business for over 25 years. I know how to manage. I also bring Leadership skills into the board that would allow things to move smoothly.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I would work hard for the students and taxpayers. Give more transparency to the public and stop backroom deals. Have responsible program management of the school’s budget. Eliminate of out-of-control spending. and offer the best education for your children and A safe environment for them to. I give you my word – I will fight for the parents and taxpayers in the Littlestown school district.

Littlestown Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Craig Rosendale

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have been a member of the Council for the past three years and President of the Council since January, 2022. From 2000-2008 I was a Commissioner on the Council of Middletown, Maryland. I retired in 2021 from my position as Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer at Frederick Health where I worked for over 34 years. I hold a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) from what is now Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I have been working with the Borough staff, our engineers and members of the business community on plans to improve our wonderful Borough Park space. We have been successful in obtaining a major grant from the state of $497,000 that will assist us in beginning this major undertaking. I hope to see this through to a great degree if I am re-elected. I want to seek and encourage some greater community involvement in events held in the Borough to the point where community members take the lead. I also want to propose ways to the Council that we can also positively affect the the physical appearance of a number of areas in the Borough.

McSherrystown Borough

OFFICE: Borough Council

Dan Colgan

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I seek to be re-elected as a member of your borough council to continue the work of bringing consistency and fairness to our Borough. I am a lifetime resident of our community; I’ve grown up and raised my children here. That makes me uniquely able to know 1st hand how we got here and capable of assisting a path forward. In my first term we have had opportunities galore that no other council has had to. The Covid pandemic forced us to move meetings virtually, we transitioned to electronic meetings and back, we had to figure out how to interview and replace retiring employees in a non-traditional way and while the process and struggle wasn’t always fruitful; we have ultimately succeeded in making key personnel decisions which have put the borough on very good footing. During my 1st term we have also improved the handicap accessibility to our borough office and community center and we will continue to look at more along those lines. The past 4 years has taught me that while the agenda of the loudest voices are not always the highest priority; we can all work together to accomplish what needs to be done, as one famous politician explained… “as long as we don’t care who gets the credit”

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: We’ve had a long 4 years together and with your support we will simplify our borough code, improve our streets and traffic congestion, and continue to improve our facilities and parks for our children and seniors. For far too long McSherrystown Borough has been a good ole boys network where if you knew someone on the council you got a green light for your project and if you didn’t you could count on delays and trouble. No more. I’ll continue the standardization of policies to make it simple for all residents; while bringing technology in the borough into, at least, the 21st century. Over the past 4 years we have eliminated costs; including our own salaries to make better use of borough funds. We’ll continue in those areas while also looking to provide more resources to our residents and staff alike. in the next 4 years we WILL fight to make sure PennDot hears us in the area of Main St traffic! We must make the moving of traffic through our town a priority for both them and us if we are to ever solve the issue. Eisenhower Dr. Is only one facet of the plan. We must also keep an eye on the ball to assure we are not replacing one soured of the bottleneck with another. Finally we must stand up for our rights as a town in regards to the overdevelopment of our neighboring municipalities.Their tax revenue may increase but resources we have are directly affected by such things in proportion and we see not one dime in revenue from them. I ask for your vote on May 16th,2023 to continue to serve you.

OFFICE: Borough Council

Danielle Smith

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Most of my work experience has been in the non-profit sector, where state & federal regulations and laws need to be understood and complied with. In non-profits, doing more with less is necessary, because funds can be limited, requiring the proper prioritization of needs over wants, to maintain fiscally responsible operations. I have served on boards and committees in both Adams and York County dealing with recreation, technology, charitable giving, safety & security, operational organization oversight and fundraising. My experience, both paid and unpaid, have prepared me to understand needs of working with the finances, technology, laws, public safety and basic operational needs of McSherrystown Borough. My experience has also provided me with the ability to balance various perspectives, when working collaboratively with others, while considering the the needs of the community and working within the regulatory guidelines & laws which govern the municipal operation. 

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am committed to working with the existing council, staff and the community to rebuild our financial security by replenishing our reserves. The current COO has exceeded expectations with implementing changes and seeking grants to help stop the financial hemorrhaging of the past, however there is still more to be done. I will advocate for greater accountability of the elected officials, by encouraging more eduction – so that elected officials better understand their roles and limitations. Through education, elected officials will have no excuse for not understanding or knowing the laws they swear to uphold. There has been an effort in the last few years to rehab long neglected buildings and structures within the borough. I would like to ensure those compliances and safety needs continue into the future, by working with council & staff on a short term and long term plan for their continued repair and maintenance. 

Manallen Township

OFFICE: School Board Director

Neil Weigle

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I grew up attending Upper Adams Schools and graduated from Biglerville High School. My family and I moved back to the Biglerville area in 2018 and both of my children have attended schools in the district. I have been involved in the district as the Varsity Boys basketball coach and as the American Legion baseball manager.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: If elected, I will work to make sure the school board makes fiscally conservative decisions for the school. I will work with the administration to increase accountability and to provide the best education experience possible for every student in the district.

Mount Joy Township

OFFICE: Supervisor

Terry Scholle

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I’ve lived in Mt Joy township for the past 38 years on our family farm and have a strong interest and connection with agriculture in our community. I served on the township planning commission for five years, three of which I was chairman. I have been on the Board of Supervisors for the past six years, vice-chairman the last two years.    My experience in local government is extensive, including:   \- President of the Adams County Counsel of Governments (ACCOG) \- Chairman of township Agricultural Security Area (ASA) \- Member of Board of Directors for the York Adams Tax Bureau (YATB) \- Member of the YATB Tax Appeals Committee \- Member of Adams County Farm Bureau   I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Akron University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. I taught advanced communications and cryptology courses for 21 years for the Department of Defense (National Cryptologic School, Ft. Meade, MD), and taught math, engineering and business courses at York College for 19 years. 

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I will continue to address concerns of the residents of the township and work in the best interest of all.  Work with other municipalities on common items that have overlap with our township Provide guidance to staff to assure timely responses dealing with township matters Continue on our path of fiscal responsibility

OFFICE: Supervisor

Sandra Yerger

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Throughout my life I have worn many hats. My diverse experience has given me a lot of perspective and a deep commitment to our community here in Mount Joy Township. I am a former physical therapist and small business owner. I have experience in both the private sector and with non-profit organizations. I was fortunate to work with the Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, mentoring the cadet services program for my squadron and working closely with the cadets. Community service is deeply personal to me and in my spare time I have enjoyed volunteering with the World Detector Dog Organization, the Littlestown School District and my local church. Currently, I own and operate a farm in Mount Joy Township. Our community relies on its officials to promote good working relationships who will listen to residents, business leaders and colleagues to achieve the best results. I have attended the public meetings in our community and will rely on my experience and dedication to promote transparency and support the values we share in Mount Joy Township. 

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I truly care about our community’s values and rural way of life. All of these things make Mount Joy Township a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Ensuring that our local government serves its residents and businesses to the best of its ability is my primary goal. This includes operating all aspects of our local government with transparency, integrity, and accountability. Mount Joy Township can eliminate onerous restrictions on our residents and maintain its small town, independent feel represented by officials who are upstanding stewards of taxpayer money, sound business practices and good governance. I believe all of this is possible and necessary to preserve the excellence of Mount Joy Township, and I humbly ask for your vote on May 16th. 

OFFICE: Auditor

Marcia Wilson

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Current auditor, having served a six-year term and led the audit team in identifying errors, correcting them, and implementing better accounting and business practices.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Continue to move forward with improved and enhanced accounting and business practices in the township.

OFFICE: Supervisor

Troy Campbell

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Education: Palmyra Area High School; Lebanon County Career & Technology Center; Pennsylvania College of Technology; Maryland Horseshoeing School; Golden Falcon Leadership Camp; and numerous technical, operations, & safety certification programs. Current Employer: Co-owner and operator, Dry Creek Cattle Co. LLC; Owner, Campbell Machine Services, LLC. Past political experience: Appointed as Mt. Pleasant Township Supervisor in March 2023 to fill a vacant seat on the Board. Member, Mt. Pleasant Township Planning Commission. Why run? I am committed to using my knowledge and experience to support the agriculture-based township in which I reside. I am grounded in traditional rural values with strong beliefs regarding personal rights and freedoms. I have worked for large corporate entities and have formed and operated several small businesses. I have leadership experience as an Eagle Scout, a Lieutenant Chief of a search and rescue squad, and a volunteer fireman. I am a member of the PA Farm Bureau and several fraternal organizations. All of these life experiences have prepared me to serve the community in this position.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Goals if elected: My goal is to be recognized as a Supervisor who will listen to and prioritize the desires of our residents over those of the outside forces that seek to disrupt our heritage and way of life. I wish our township to be recognized by its residents as one that is operated in an efficient and effective manner, taking advantage of programs and technologies (such as broadband) that will support our residents and their goals. I will seek solutions and compromise among the interests pushing for growth through non-agricultural uses of our resources and those wishing to maintain our rural lifestyle. 

OFFICE: Supervisor

John Hess

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have served on numerous committees at the local, state, and federal level. I am a Member of Adams County Farm Bureau, I served as president of the board for 8 years. I have held other positions within farm bureau. I currently serve on Pa. Farm bureau national legislative committee. Served on Pa. State Soil Conservation Board. Representing the dairy industry on the board. I am currently serving as Regional Council Representative for the Land O Lakes Cooperative. I represent dairy farmers in Southcentral Pennsylvania. I currently attend Gettysburg Baptist Church.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: As a township supervisor I will work to keep the rural look and feel of Mt. Pleasant Township. I will be available to listen to all residents of the township. I will work to be a part of a board of supervisors that does the business of the township, while representing the best interest of the residents. I Thank you for your support.

Straban Township

OFFICE: Constable

Roy Getzandanner


CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am running for election as Constable of Straban Township. I would like to tell you more about myself and why I am running for election: I reside in Straban Township . I enjoy traveling, camping and working. I am self employed as a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor I am a registered Republican and strongly believe in the United States Constitution and our constitutional rights. As Constable, I will always uphold the United States Constitution, and the state laws of Pennsylvania.. I have also volunteered at several events and street fairs in the York and Adams county area. I am running for election as Constable of Straban Township , because I would like the opportunity to make a difference in the community in which I live. Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached at 717-353-0885 or Email if you have any questions about me or the office. I welcome the discussion

Upper Adams School District

OFFICE: School Board Director

Deb Steckler

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I have 2 children in the school district and have been an active member of the Elementary and Intermediate PTOs. I am the current president of the Elementary PTO. I also have served in many community organizations and feel a connection to the people of Upper Adams.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: While I realize most decisions affecting schools are chosen on the state level, I believe that change starts at the local level. I want our children to have the best education that can be received without being a burden to the taxpayer. I don’t think a “one size fits all” is the best approach and that students need a well-balanced education in academics, arts, and sports. I don’t think standardized testing is the best way to gauge whether a student is prepared for real-world situations after graduation. Students at all levels should be given different opportunities of learning based on their individual needs and skill sets. I believe that I have the best interest of all students and will keep an open mind when making decisions for the district.

OFFICE: School Board Director

Kay Hollabaugh

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Frequent volunteer at the School District. Strong supporter of school staff and faculty with a keen eye on the needs of ALL students. Business owner most of my life and very familiar with financial management. Leadership roles in many fruit industry-related organizations. Chair of many boards over the course of my life. Familiar with working with legislative and regulatory issues in the agricultural industry.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I will be a voice for all students – regardless of needs, culture or ethnicity. I will make myself available by whatever reasonable means is most helpful to the constituents.

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Candace Walker
Candace Walker
6 months ago

Is Franklin Township missing?

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
6 months ago
Reply to  Candace Walker

Candace, sorry, although they were all invited, no one from Franklin sent in their information.

8 months ago

Can I suggest you put dividers between the candidates. It would be easier for the readers. It’s hard to see where one candidate starts and the other ends.

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