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Adams County Municipal Elections Guide, May 2023

As mail-in ballots begin to arrive in our mailboxes this month, it’s time to get serious about how to vote in the November municipal election.

In-person voting will occur on Nov. 7.

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Although it is an “off year,” without any national candidates, there are both state and local races. Your vote matters.

Most important perhaps are the dozens of borough, township, and school board races that make a difference to us all.

Click here to learn about the candidates running in the municipal election.

Gettysburg Borough Council:

Ward 1: Peter Bales (R) vs. Kierstan Belle (D) 

Ward 2: Matt Moon (D) vs Shelley Knouse (R)

Ward 3: Brian Hodges (R) vs. Alisha Sanders (D)

At large. Chad-Alan Carr (D) vs. Kelly Kaiser (R)

Gettysburg Area School District

Five of the nine seats on the board are open, which means that each voter may choose up to five candidates on their November ballot.

Most of the candidates have cross-filed, which means they are listed on both the Democratic and Republican ballots.

Candidates include school board incumbents Al Moyer, Michael Dickerson, and Tim Seigman. 

Also runnng are Alice Broadway, Elizabeth Blanc, Martha Obryant, and Cynthia Ayers.

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