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2021 Adams County PA Municipal Election Information

2021 Adams County PA Municipal Election Information

The Connection reports on local candidates and voting procedures for municipal, state, and federal elections.

Oct 18: Last day to register before the November election

voting sign

Oct 26: Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot

Nov. 2: Last day to receive mail-in and civilian absentee ballots (must be received by 8:00 p.m.)

Mail-in ballots may also be returned using the drop box at the county courthouse between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, please see the Adams County Election Office resources page.

Member of Democratic State Committee

Member of Republican State Committee

County Democratic Committee Members

Mail-in ballot tips

If you are dropping off your ballot:

The dropoff box at the courthouse is on the first floor just inside the door.

The courthouse is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The courthouse will remain open until 8:00 p.m. on election day.

Two short-term parking spaces are available in front of the courthouse for people dropping their ballots.

If you need any help completing your mail-in ballot, call the elections office at 717.337.9832 and they will help.

If you cannot get to the drop box, call the elections office. They will come out to pick up your ballot if you pull over in front of the courthouse.

If you are mailing your ballot:

Please take your stamped ballot into your local post office. The postal workers will hand cancel your ballot and take it directly to the courthouse.

More information on the Gettysburg Area School District candidates.

Wondering about the state races? Here is a full rundown.

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Candidate Profiles

Crissy Redding
Treasurer *Adams County

Chrissy 1editedcopy

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I am looking forward to continuing to move the Treasurer’s office forward in a positive direction with integrity, honesty, transparency and a high level of customer service – I believe courteous, efficient customer service is essential – providing a pleasant experience to anyone who either calls or visits the office. I am excited about the many ideas I have in moving the practices of the office forward – such as initiating a “Online Dog Licensing Program” – this has been an initiative of mine since taking office in 2018 and am hoping 2021 is the year the Treasurer’s office launches the availability of online licensing – I am reviewing the options of electronic payments for/by residents and vendors to improve convenience and efficiency – moving the office in the direction of less paper and more of a digital approach is high on my agenda. I am looking forward to continuing to work extensively with other county departments, county leadership and community organizations with the intention of delivering dignified and respectful service with the highest standard of integrity and accuracy in the most professional of manners.
I believe I have proven fiscal and clerical accountability and that my previous employment experiences prior to taking office in 2018 – combined with the information and experiences garnered on the job during my first term are the needed foundation and platform in which to move the office forward.
I will continue to dovetail my knowledge, resources and experiences from one side of the counter to the other – pledging a Team Effort – in serving the residents of Adams County in a professional, trustworthy, responsible and dedicated manner – with the personal benefit of giving back to my native Adams County of which I have deep roots and an incredible appreciation of.
I am more than happy to speak with anyone regarding my campaign platform or any treasurer’s issues that wish to discuss.
I am very honored the voters of Adams County chose to elect me in 2018 and request their generous support in May – in order that I can continue to pridefully and respectfully serve and represent the residents of Adams County.

My prior experience

I am seeking re-election as the Adams County Treasurer – prior to taking office in 2018 I pridefully worked 35+ years with the family business “Redding Auction Service” and respectfully served as the Straban Township Tax Collector for 10-years – these career opportunities offered me the platform in which to obtain fiscal and clerical accountability, responsibility to accuracy and attention to detail – all of which are fundamental tools of foundation for this position. In my first term as Treasurer I am most proud of several significant achievements inclusive to the recently formed collaborative Government Finance Team consisting of the Treasurer, Finance Dept., Controller and County manager – together we have worked diligently in enhancing defined cash receipting, streamlined account structures that enhance the county budget process, monitored interest rates and transferred funds into investment opportunities to improve returns, improving Pillow Tax accountability and collection – in addition to working with the 34 borough and township tax collectors with collection of real estate and per-capita taxes. I am honored to report that the County is financially healthy with a A2+ rating with much of the credit going to the collaborative efforts of the Finance Government Team, the conservative efforts of all County departments and County leadership. Success Truly Is A Joint Effort !
The Treasurer’s office is a very complex office and has many moving parts which are instrumental to every department within the County – hence maintaining excellent customer service from one side of the counter to the other is a foremost priority in keeping the work-flow moving forward in a smooth manner – with respect and positive communication – these are very important functions in the office and to the team members. My first term has passed by very quickly and has been most rewarding as I proudly and respectfully represent all residents of Adams County – I have a very strong and conscientious work ethic that was instilled in me at a very young age by my parents – my fundamental belief is that “you work from you heart, you do not stop until the work is done and you do more than what was expected of you”.
I am very proud to have become part of a wonderful team of county colleagues who work very hard in a unified manner to do the very best that they can for all of Adams County.

Anne Smith
Inspector of Elections *Adams County


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

This helps to qualify me for the office of “Inspector of Elections” to maintain a fair and responsible election. Thank you in advance for your vote in Adams County.

My prior experience

I was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and raised in Taneytown, Maryland.
For 10 years, I owned and operated a restaurant, “The Skillet and Oven” in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. I sold the restaurant and moved to Vermont where I resided for 10 years.
While in Vermont, I held the elected office of Justice of the Peace. My office required commitment, procedure and fairness. Some responsibilities included: Election duties: reviewing voter checklist applications, removing names from the voter checklist and conducting elections. Other duties included: property tax appeals, Board of Abatement, solemnizing marriages, administering oaths and performing notarial acts.

Sarah Bucher
Inspector of Elections Bendersville Borough


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I enjoy serving my community with integrity and professionalism.

My prior experience

Many years of experience on prior elections.

Stefanie Sarine
Inspector of Elections Berwick Township

stefanie sarine

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I have strong conservative values and I will work for my constituents here in Berwick Township. After the 2020 election, I find it important for me to get involved in the election process here in Pennsylvania. Election integrity is vitally important in preserving our Constitutional Republic!

I am thankful for this opportunity!

My prior experience

I am a mother, local business owner and looking to get involved in government on a local level.

Peter Socks
Supervisor Berwick Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I will continue to serve my constituents as I have the past two terms. With a vision to maintain the rural feel of our community while handling growth in a smart manner that does not impact our community negatively. My goal has always been and will continue to be to make our township and surrounding areas here in Adams County a safe and peaceful area for our children and grandchildren to call home.

My prior experience

I am seeking my third term as Berwick Township Supervisor. A life-long resident of Adams County I have lived in Berwick Township for 25 years.

Phil Wagner
Mayor Biglerville Borough

webcam 414202191128AM

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I will be completing 2 years as mayor this January. I will continue to be a voice for our borough residents, expand our Christmas decorations in the town, work with council retaining businesses and get our vacant buildings inhabited. One of my responsibilities is to continue to work with the great police force we have. Keep our community informed through the Borough Facebook page. Planning a community wide yard sale June 5th, 2021!

My prior experience

A Gettysburg College graduate, and MBA from Syracuse University. 27 year Army veteran, 17 years fruit grower in New York state, where I was councilman, town of Butler, VP of local school Board, president of Wayne County Farm Bureau, Board member of New York Apple Association and Cornell Extension program. Currently member of Legislative committee for Adams County Council of Governments, member, Biglerville Water and Sewer Authority, Treasurer, Upper Adams Lions Club, Logistics Coordinator for the Upper Adams Food Pantry, trustee, Centenary United Methodist church, member, Post #262American Legion, member, Biglerville Historical Preservation Society

Robert Verderaime
Borough Council Carroll Valley Borough

robert v

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

My Goal and Promise
I.   a. To preserve the beauty, rural atmosphere, and the pristine character of Carroll Valley.
b. That my vote on any issue coming before council will be cast only after listening to all views and voting only on what would be the best result for all residents.
c. On all substantive matters, to explain the reasons for my vote allowing you, my constituent, to
know the reason for my position.

Thank you for considering me as your representative. Robert C. Verderaime

My prior experience

I am a Republican candidate for re-election to the Carroll Valley Borough Council. I seek your vote and offer the following for your consideration and for comparison to other candidates.

Experience (Political)
I.   a. Previously served for several years on the Carroll Valley Planning Commission.
b. Elected to Borough Council at last election and selected as its vice-president by vote of the council.

Experience (qther}
II.   a. Served on various committees at the national, state (MD) and local (Baltimore) levels, and as President of a local Bar (legal) Association and as Chairman on several committees.
b. President of PTA

Ill.   Education
a.   Undergraduate degree from Loyola College
b.   Law degree from University of Maryland

IV.   Employment
a.   Prior to retirement I was self-employed in my own law firm in Baltimore.

V.   Personal
a.   Resident of Carroll Valley for thirteen years.
b.   Married (Helene, Spouse)
c.   Parishioner, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Having been on both the planning commission and council has given me knowledge of the issues affecting Carroll Valley. I have gained invaluable insights into matters such as zoning, budgets, concerns of residents, law enforcement, and similar subjects.

What I have brought to the commission and council from the experiences listed above is to listen to the views of others; to consider the pros and cons on the issues presented and to reach a conclusion most beneficial to all residents of Carroll Valley. Indeed, I have voted in the minortty if I did not believe so.

Lisa McKinney
Judge of Elections Carroll Valley Borough Ward 1

webcam 5162021103202PM

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I will continue stress free environment at the Carroll Valley 1 election room location.

My prior experience

I have been Carroll Valley’s 1 Judge of Election for the past four years. I’m a Retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer and serve 24 years of service in U.S. Navy. At the moment, I’m working on my Doctoral Program with Walden University and working on my Dissertation today. I have three degrees with Park University (Associate Degree under Business Management and Bachelor Degree under Criminal Justice) and American Military University (Master’s Degree under Criminal Justice).

Christine Biggins
Supervisor Cumberland Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

As a resident of Cumberland Township, I recognize the balance that needs to be maintained between agriculture, recreation, and development. I believe that Cumberland Township is well managed and has a legacy of supervisors who have dedicated time and service to the residents. I plan to build on that work with the current supervisors and hope to bring a new perspective to the team. I am familiar with the Cumberland Township Police Department and their service. I look forward to learning more about the Cumberland Township sewer authority and highway department. I’m confident that I will easily be able to have open communication with all departments and township residents. As the township evolves, I will be an advocate for providing high-quality services and professionalism in a cost-effective manner.

My prior experience

I own a home in Cumberland Township and am invested in this community. I plan to raise my children here and want the best community for them. Public service is vital and I want to make sure that I contribute in a positive way to my community. I want to serve as a role model for others, especially our youth and my own children. I want to show them that you can not just sit back and watch things happen, you have to be engaged and part of the solution. I consider myself to be committed, organized, and efficient.

Jack Ketterman
Supervisor Germany Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

This is the importance of being able to serve, of being able to put your professional experience to work and implement new and fresh recommendations for our township. Keeping in mind all of which is done governed by sound fiscal management and for the safety and well being of our residents. And to apply my education, professional and inter-personal skills for the benefit of our township residents. You listen, then apply best management practices. A lifetime resident of Germany Township.

My prior experience

Littlestown High School Graduate
Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – York College
Required Mandatory Courses in Emergency Management
Life Saving

Current Supervisor – 12 years
Past elected township auditor
Retired from United Defense (now BAE systems) with over 30 years
Board of Managers Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Serves as township representative for Council of Governments and Boroughs
Experience in Contracts, estimating, sales, cost accounting, supervision and
St. John’s Church Volunteer
Donates garden produce to Council of Churches and Senior Center
USMC – Cpl E-4
Life member: American Legion, Amvets, VFW, Littlestown Fish and Game

Kathleen Ferguson
Tax Collector Germany Township

webcam 416202140306PM

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I hope to be able to provide the same excellent tax service that our prior tax collector provided us with for so many years. My plan, if elected, is to work out of the township office with posted hours and to be available to assist with any and all of your tax concerns.

My prior experience

While I do not have experience as a tax collector, as a retired middle school educator, I am always excited to learn new skills. I have earned my BA from York College and my Masters from McDaniel College in Westminster while my husband and I have lived and raised our two boys here in Littlestown for 37 years.

John Ramirez
School Board Director Gettysburg Area School District

WIN 20210404 16 31 42 Pro2

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

School Director Position:
I am running for the position of School Director in the Gettysburg Area School District because I feel that my background and skill set can be utilized in collaboration with the experience of the other members of the Board in striving to meet the vision and goals of the students, parents, community and Superintendent of Schools.
Many experts have projected the difficulty our students will have returning to regular in-class instruction. It has been noted that some students may have regressed during the past year due to the change in their learning environments. There will be challenges to all in the school system once schools are able to open completely. The challenge for the Board and the Superintendent will be to help navigate this transition seeking to regain student academic success and a return to educational normalcy. Although the Board does not run the district it strives to ensure that the district is well-run.
I realize that I am just one vote among nine and that my role will be to contribute to the discussion whenever I can and be open to learn from the collective experiences of the Board. My primary goal will be to help maintain and improve the physical safety, cognitive development, academic achievement and career goals of all the students within our district. These objectives should be consistent with established professional and educational principles of “Best Practices” as established by the Superintendent, School Board, professional faculty, and all school personnel. Above all, I seek to find common ground and focus on what can be agreed upon by promoting honest and respectful dialogue among the Board, school staff and the community.
In conclusion, although students may have different learning styles, I believe that all students can learn. Our students remain the most important constituents in our public education system.

My prior experience

Background, Experience, and Education:
I was born and raised in Upper Manhattan, New York City. My parents were from Puerto Rico. As an undergraduate I became interested in psychology while working in a community mental health program and at a drug treatment detoxification and maintenance program in the Bronx, New York.
Working as an assistant nursery school teacher in an innovative therapeutic nursery school program for children of schizophrenic mothers I realized the importance and impact that a male teacher and a positive role model could have on young children at risk.
My early interest in psychology was combined with education leading me to earn a teaching certificate in N thru 6. I completed my student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom. I worked in a special drug awareness program in a high school and later earned a Guidance Counselor Certificate. In addition to teaching in New York and New Jersey colleges, I held several positions in higher education administration as a Registrar, Financial Aid Advisor, and Academic Counselor. I earned my Master of Arts in Psychology and Master in Education in Applied Human Development and Guidance from Teachers College, Columbia University.
I retired in 2011 after 20 years as an Associate Professor from the Department of History and Social Science from Middlesex County College in New Jersey where I facilitated the learning of up to 480 students per year. My teaching responsibilities included Psychology, Education, and Student Development classes, both in-person and on-line. After retirement, my wife and I moved to Gettysburg, “The best small town in America,” where her family lives. For the last several years I have volunteered at local organizations and participated in many community, cultural, and social activities.

Carrie Adams Soliday
School Board Director Gettysburg Area School District


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

There are typically two specific pathways for school board members to make a difference for constituents – 1) in school board sub-committees and 2) school board meetings. To effectively use those pathways, it is important for a school board member to listen to all stakeholders and it is important to prepare for all school board meetings by reading all documents and asking questions. Listening to constituents, such as community members, parents, and students of the school district, happens in interactions throughout the community, during public comment, letters to the board, survey results, and so on… In listening to constituents there are consistent concerns about the lack of diversity among school staff, the health and wellness of students, frustrations with the 2020-21 educational model, school tax rates, and how tax dollars are spent. There are solutions to all of the concerns and most of the topics listed are routinely addressed. The one topic that has not been addressed in board subcommittee meetings or board meetings is the diversity of the GASD staff. Students of color make up greater than 20% of the school population yet there is only one teacher of color in the district. In pondering why this is the case, I do not believe a solution will come about in the usual way – through a board subcommittee or action (vote) during a board meeting. The solution lies in how GASD will attract highly qualified teachers/staff of color to job openings. This might begin with reinventing a club like Future Teachers of America at the high school, inviting students to join the Early Learning Program at Adams County Technical Institute, ensuring job postings are in media sources beyond Adams County, etc… If elected I will continue to listen, to use the typical pathways of solving issues such as board subcommittee meetings and board action. I will also explore an atypical pathway to find a solution for attracting a more diversified candidate pool and I would volunteer to reinvent a club like Future Teachers of America to inspire students to consider joining the education profession.

My prior experience

The role of the school director is to hire/evaluate the superintendent, approve the superintendent’s budget, and set board policy. In school board meetings and board subcommittee meetings there are opportunities to influence the school district budgets, the superintendent’s short-term and long-range plans for the district, and board policy all while staying within the guide rails of Pennsylvania school law and federal policies. Understanding school law, school budgets, respecting those employed by the school district, knowing how to ask questions, and working collaboratively with the other 8 board members are key skills in serving as a board member. Over the last 5 years, I have honed those skills while serving on the Gettysburg Area School District Board of Directors as well as the Adams County Technical Institute Joint Operating Committee. I understand decisions made by past board members, the long-term plans of the District, and what is needed for the district to evolve with the changing dynamics of education. Additionally, I have worked in K-12 public education for 30 years leading large-scale, multi-agency projects while also ensuring every student has the resources needed to succeed. In my professional role, I support the PA Department of Education, schools across the state as well as locally to bring about needed change. My decision-making is influenced by a commitment to ensuring all students have a high-quality educational experience, a conservative and responsible lens on the use of tax-payer funded resources, a willingness to learn from those with different perspectives, and a heart of service to our community. The GASD systems of which my dad, my children, and I are all alumni have changed over time and will need to continue to change to meet the community expectations for future graduates. To see those changes come about there needs to continuity in board membership. I can bring continuity, experience, and qualified skills to the Gettysburg Area School District Board of Directors.

Jimmy Phelps
School Board Director Gettysburg Area School District


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I would love to see the school district find new ways to encourage communication with families so that families have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the issues facing our district. Personally, I will reach out to friends and neighbors as well as make myself available to talk to any parents or others invested in the well-being of our students. Depending on the issue, I would seek out the opinions of individuals who know more about a certain topic or field. In addition, I will continue to use my candidate Facebook page to interact with the community throughout my tenure on school board.

My prior experience

I am proud to volunteer throughout my community. I am currently a GARA (Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority) board member as well as an assistant scout leader for Boy Scout Troop 79 and an assistant coach with Gettysburg Cal Ripken Baseball. I have been a parent volunteer at Lincoln Elementary School for over five years and have helped coach a Franklin Township Little League Baseball team for several seasons. Last summer I designed and led the construction of the bicycle pump track at the Gettysburg Rec Park. I care very much about our community and speak routinely with members of numerous organizations and individual citizens in order to address issues and concerns in our area.

Rita Frealing
Mayor Gettysburg Borough


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

As your next mayor, I will represent the Gettysburg Borough on all community concerns, including efforts to speed reducing the effects of the pandemic. I will address and represent local business concerns, tax and revenue issues, diversity, inclusion, and the quality of life in our borough.

My roots here run deep. My aunt, Mary “Mickey” Patrick, was very active in the Gettysburg Community, and I want to follow her lead and use my 20+ years of experience in government to give back to this town we love so dearly. What can I do to help our community the most?

[Please watch my video](

Please [visit my Facebook page](

Community first. You talk, I listen.

My prior experience

I am a Gettysburg area native and now resident with more than 20 years of experience in government, including chief counsel and legislative director for PA Sen. Vincent Hughes, director of public liaison for the PA State System of Higher Education, director of communications for the PA Department of Public Welfare, and director of the Dauphin County Domestic Relations. I served as a deputy press secretary for Gov. Bob Casey and worked in his Office of Policy. I worked as director of government relations for the PA State Department of Education and served on the boards of the Greater Harrisburg NAACP and the Gettysburg YWCA.

My media background includes work as a news reporter for WTPA radio and TV and for WHP Channel 21, and weekend news anchor for WGET in Gettysburg.

In retirement, I was a retail worker at Peebles Department Store.

In all my positions, I liked meeting people and listening to their concerns and figuring out ways to help.

I am a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier School, Gettysburg High School, Penn State University, and the Penn State Dickinson Law School.

Chad Alan Carr
Borough Council Gettysburg Borough


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

My goals and issues on my website I believe will show that I am an excellent candidate for Mayor. While I am a registered Democrat, I think of myself as very open minded and middle of the aisle. By listening to Republicans and Independents in our town just as much as Democrats, I hope to continue to make a difference here.

One of my main goals is to continue to create more unity and community bonds under the umbrella of open, honest, and civil dialogue. Sometimes government procedures can be confusing, so I want to bring transparency to the process. Every citizen deserves to understand the why, how, and who of how local government works and how they can get involved. Communication is very important to me.

I’d like to implement additional mandatory, annual Police Empathy and Racial Bias Training Programs for the police department. I understand they are doing some training like this already, which is great. I think more of it would benefit both the Police and the town.
I’d also like to create a task force or community group to help bridge the gap in communication and transparency between the borough council/management and the police department.
The task force should include two from council, the borough Manager, the Mayor, the chief of police, and two or three members of the community that have experience in mediation, human relations, and mental health support.

It’s imperative to support our Police and also provide them with the the resources and funding needed so all interactions are handled in a professional, safe, and empathetic way.

Let us all come together in 2021. We absolutely can not have another year like last year. Thank you for your support.

My prior experience

I have lived in Gettysburg for more than ten years. During that time I experienced what it is like to be a tax paying citizen of this town. I also experienced what it was like to operate a business in Gettysburg. As the Evecutive Director of the only community theatre in Adams County, I experienced what it is like to interact with the townspeople and visitors. While living in Gettysburg I have done my best to be a productive member of the community. I chartered the International Thespian Society Troupe at Gettysburg High School and produced the Eastern States Regional Premiere of The Penguin Project (a theatre program for local children with special needs) here in Gettysburg. I also was instrumental in bringing the week long, National Festival, American Association of Community Theatre festival (AACTfest2019), to Gettysburg, which created lots of revenue for the town. In 2017 I co-created Gettysburg Pride and have chaired the event ever since to celebrate equality in our town. I also initiated a proposal to Borough Council for a Non-Discrimination Ordinance that was recently enacted by the borough by unanimous vote after a year of work on it. I have been a producer and a collaborator my entire life. The passion and intensity I have that enable me to get things accomplished will continue to help me as Mayor.

According to Title 11, Chapter 112, Section 11201 of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the only qualifications needed to run for mayor is that the candidate be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of the borough for at least one year to the date of election day. I meet both of those qualifications.

Brian Hodges
Borough Council Gettysburg Borough


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

My three main priorities after getting elected are to:
1. Keep the bourough safe. There is nothing more important to me than the safety and security of our citizens. I back our police department and police chief 100%, and will try my hardest to get them back to being fully staffed.
2. Keep the borough clean. Withought a clean, pleasant and safe environment, tourism, which is the main economic driver in Gettysburg, will diminish. I will fight to get our public works department back to being fully staffed so we can keep our streets and public areas clean and safe.
3. Keep taxes as low as reasonably possible. We must keep the cost of living in the Gettysburg community to be affordable for those on fixed incomes to live, while still completing infrastructer and repairs that are necessary.

My prior experience

I moved to Gettysburg in March of 2005 with my wife and Mother to buy the Brafferton Inn Bed and Breakfast located on York Street. This was after an extensive search for a bed and breakfast, and we are so happy we found Gettysburg! At the bed and breakfast, we host thousands of tourists a year. So my job is not only to welcome them to Gettysburg, but also to cook breakfast for them, and answer any questions they may have, such as where to eat dinner, what tours to take, and any other general questions they may have. Another aspect of being a business owner is having to do a budget, hire and train staff, market the inn, and keep in clean! I firmly believe being a business owner right downtown makes my qualified for the position.
I also own a home in Ward 3, where I live with my wife and 3 children. We love our neighborhood and our neighbors. We are a short walk to the Gettysburg Recreation Park, and use it often.

Thomas Carr
Mayor Gettysburg Borough

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Mayor of Gettysburg has limited authority concerning the daily operations of the borough. I understand the role to be more ceremonial than actionable. With this in mind, I will be the spokesperson and de facto leader of the borough. I intend to encourage the development and prosperity of local business, while addressing the impact this may have on Gettysburg Borough residents. Creating an environment where local businesses have the means to survive is essential for the Borough, but this approach must be designed in a manner that does impede on the desires of its residents. I believe the appropriation of funds needs to be addressed. The taxes imposed on both borough residents and business owners needs to be allocated in a manner that benefits all of those who engage in borough activities. Various departments frame the Gettysburg Borough, and each department should be allotted the necessary resources to operate, while eliminating any gratuitous spending. I have spent most of my lifetime as a borough resident, and I feel money is consistently depleted without truly benefiting the community. Community is where I want to end this question. I believe Gettysburg to be a truly wonderful community, but without proper leadership we could lose that honor. I feel the only way to maintain this joyous small-town feel is to assure every individual in the community has a voice. In a political climate that has become so polarized, we need to find ourselves organizing productive dialogues that express inclusion rather than contempt.

My prior experience

My strengths as candidate for mayor are rooted in the 50 years of experience serving the Gettysburg community. I was privileged to serve as a police officer in the borough for eight years (1976-1983). Policing the borough enabled me to master the capacity to approach every situation with effective communication and compassion. My period as a borough police officer also facilitates my ability to provide appropriate oversight of the police department. I have also devoted a significant amount of time (50 years) toward volunteer firefighting at the Gettysburg Fire Department. I spent two of those years (1982, 1983) as chief and am honored to be recognized as a top 10 responder for the past 8 years. The vast amount of time spent as a volunteer firefighter aided the development of crucial skills necessary for the position of mayor. My abilities to adapt under unpredictable circumstances surrounding an emergency response have allowed me to refine my skills as a leader and problem-solver. The high stress situations that I am commonly hurled into as a first responder present me with an unquestioned potential to remain sensible and confident during the decision-making process. I also spent 30 years (1984-2014) as an elected Gettysburg Magisterial District Judge. During this tenure, I swore under oath to protect, obey, and defend the constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth. This oath is a fundamental component of my life, and I can assure that impartiality will be applied to any disputes that may arise within the borough.

Patricia Lawson
Borough Council Gettysburg Borough Ward 1

patti lawson

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I will listen to all residents and business owners in the Borough of Gettysburg to hear what their concerns or needs are, both individually and as part of the greater community. We are fortunate to live in Gettysburg and Adams County. While we attract several million visitors a year that helps to generate revenue, we also have to remember that our small number of taxpayers in the Borough support these services used by tourists, and we must be creative and entrepreneurial in thinking of ways to generate revenue without causing an undue burden on the borough taxpayers. As a Council, we can’t do that alone, but rather we need to engage the creative and intelligent minds of our neighbors and friends in our community. Gettysburg is the county seat, and as healthy and vibrant as our Borough of Gettysburg is, so goes the rest of Adams County. We are in this together.

My prior experience

I am seeking re-election, having just served my first term on borough council. I feel like the first term in office is a learning curve, and in a second term I can be more focused on goals and needs of the borough.

Edward Riggs
Judge of Elections Gettysburg Borough Ward 2


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Free and fair elections are the basis of our democratic process. I will ensure a fair, flawless election in Ward 2 of the Borough of Gettysburg. There is nothing political about this position. If you are eligible to vote, you will have the opportunity to do so without restriction or bias.

My prior experience

Retired teacher and coach

Amanda Day
Judge of Elections Gettysburg Borough Ward 3

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I believe strongly in the right to vote and making sure that each voter is welcomed and feels safe in voting. Our “team” applauds each voter voting for the first time. And I use the word TEAM proudly.
It is a long day from 6:30 am to sometimes 10 pm and we work together well, regardless of party.
Our goal is to ensure all proper procedures in the counting of ballots and an accurate count.

My prior experience

Before moving to Gettysburg over 10 years ago, I was active with the election board in Mt Pleasant township. It was with great regret that I gave that up when moving. I was overjoyed to be asked to help again in Ward 3. After serving as clerk for a number of years, I was recommended to serve as Judge of Elections. It is a very great honor to serve in this capacity.

Kelly Lawver
Clerk of Courts Gettysburg Borough Ward 3


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

One of my commitments during my campaign in 2005 was to increase the collections of fines, costs, and restitution due to victims of crime. For the years 2007 and again in 2008, we succeeded in increasing our collections by over $1.6 million dollars more than the amount that was being collected in 2005, the year before I took office. Prior to taking office, the average monthly revenue was about $95,000. to $110,000 per a month. Currently, we average over $300,000. each month. For March 2021, we had our second highest collections on record, receipting $475,197.86. The money is disbursed as restitution to victims of crime as well as fines and costs collected and due to municipalities, the County, and Department of Revenue. I will continue to increase collections of fines, costs, and restitution due to victims of crime.

I will continue to push for the use of technology to provide efficient service not just to my constituents, but to everyone who must interact with the Adams County Clerk of Courts Office.

All of our active records have been digitized and are available to all departments electronically. Over the last few years, we have been able to eliminate the physical creation of miscellaneous, juvenile and dependency cases. In 2021, we have eliminated the creation of criminal misdemeanor cases. I will continue to save the costs of paper, supplies, staff time, and the physical space of storing these records by eliminating the need to create physical case files.

In June 2020, we implemented our new Orphans’ Court case management system. This system permits electronic filing and includes online services. In the near future, we are planning on turning on a fully integrated video marriage application process along with the ability for attorneys to create and file new cases electronically.

As of 2021, my office is now ready to convert our Orphans’ Court records to PDF/A images for permanent record retention. This will allow the paper records that are considered permanent retention to be stored only as electronic images. By converting to PDF/A, we will eliminate the requirement to create a physical case record for Orphans’ Court matters.

I have accomplished a lot during my tenure and I am truly honored by the support I have received over the years. I appreciate your continued support!

My prior experience

I have worked in the Clerk of Courts Office since 1997 when I was hired as a deputy clerk. I was eager to become proficient with all of the duties and responsibilities of the department. In 2005, I decided to run for election and took office in 2006.

Judie Butterfield
Borough Council Gettysburg Borough Ward 3

judith butterfield

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I have said many times that it is in the workings of local government that issues that directly and immediately affect community life are addressed. I strongly believe it is the epitome of neighbor representing neighbor for the good of the Borough.The skills that I bring to the office of Borough Councilman are diligence, a long history of public service in County and Borough organizations, agencies, and initiatives, and a habit for carefully researching an issue to ensure it is resolved in the manner most beneficial to the Borough. I will work conscientiously to ensure the Borough’s financial status bounces back from the devastation caused by the pandemic by prudently and responsibly applying those additional funds that have become available. A priority for me is the replacement of staff and police positions which we were forced to cut during that time.

My prior experience

I am pleased and excited to have made the decision to stand for re-election for my Third Ward seat on the Gettysburg Borough Council. I was appointed to that position on August 12, 2019, and elected in November of that year to serve two years of an unexpired 3rd Ward term. I would be honored to serve again and would like to be considered for remaining in that capacity for the next full term. I currently serve as the Council’s liaison to the Steinwehr Avenue Business Improvement District, and the Adams County Transportation Planning Organization. I also continue to head the Borough’s recycling initiative as I have done since 2007. I am a diligent worker, and an advocate of historic preservation balanced with reasonable, practical business-friendly policies. I have a record of perfect attendance at Borough meetings since having been appointed in 2019 and do not accept the stipend paid to elected members of council. I believe my experience in Gettysburg Borough government will allow me to “hit the ground running” if afforded a new term.

Jeremy Smith
Supervisor Hamilton Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

The biggest issue that I have seen on the horizon is the population surge proposed from all the developments going in around this area. We must protect this land from becoming over-populated and prevent the need for increased taxes from all the issues that come along with the big buildup. I will continue to assist the township and my constituents by working to prevent more developments being built in the area and by helping the township stay in good financial status so that tax increases are not necessary.

My prior experience

For the past five years, I have attended the monthly supervisor meetings and volunteered on the Finance Committee. Throughout my time as an attendee at the supervisor meetings and a volunteer on the Finance Committee, I have gained valuable knowledge about the township. I have also played a large role in assisting the township with being in good financial shape without any tax increase. I also volunteer as the assistant treasurer and as a board member at my church. In my spare time, I help on a sprint car team and enjoy visiting all of the local dirt tracks. I have lived in Hamilton Township for the last 14 years and want nothing more than to see it flourish.

Keary Decarlo
Judge of Elections Latimore Township

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I am volunteering my time to assist our township with this very important process of elections. I will be dedicated to being honest and fair. Thank You

My prior experience

I have been voting for 40 years.

Betty Bucher
Borough Council Littlestown Borough

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

As a current council member, we are working to make improvements to the community park. Our community is growing and changes must be made to meet our changing needs. I hope to see our business community grow as well. There are business sites for rent we would like to see rented. Our zoning ordinance needs to be updated as well. As a growing community we need to grow with all the changes that come with growth. All this must be done and stay within a budget. That can be a challenge at times.

My prior experience

Lifetime littlestown resident. Former business owner. Served 3 terms on council.

Christopher Snyder
Magesterial District Judge Magisterial District 51-3-02


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I believe the position of Magisterial District Judge to be different from much of the other elected positions in that, aside from the election process itself, politics play no role in how the position should be conducted day to day. Furthermore, in my capacity as a police officer, I have been able to develop effective communication skills, active listening, and critical thinking that would allow me to perform my duties as a District Judge at a high level.
My understanding of criminal/civil law, rules of criminal procedure, and the Constitution allow me to make sound decisions on a day to day basis, as well as upholding the rights of the citizens I interact with. I pride myself on treating others with respect regardless of circumstance, and will continue to do so as your Magisterial District Judge.

My prior experience

I am a native to south eastern Adams County, and a graduate of Delone Catholic. I began my career working with delinquent youths at Hoffman Homes before venturing into Law Enforcement. I have been a police officer for over 8 years, and currently hold the position of Detective within my agency. Throughout my career I have received numerous accolades, to include being named Officer of the Year in 2015.
I come from a family of first responder’s, with my father being a police officer for over 30 years, a younger brother in law enforcement as well, and my youngest brother currently serving in the Marine Corp.
My background in police work has adequately prepared me for the position of Magisterial District Judge. I handle everything from criminal and civil cases, to landlord tenant issues on a daily basis in my capacity as a police officer. I have made over 1000 arrests, and having a very strong working knowledge of the judicial system, especially at the District Judge level.

Donna Spangler
Borough Council McSherrystown Borough

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Listen to the citizens to hear their needs and concerns and announce their concerns with council for a solution or what maybe done to fix the problem. Make life enjoyable in our great place called McSherrystown.

My prior experience

Work well with others,problem solving and sounding board. Have worked at the Hanover Hospital for 25 years and counting

John Santino
Inspector of Elections Menallen Township

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What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

To help ensure that those folks coming in to vote are, in fact, the folks listed on our voting rolls. I’ve lived in Menallen Twp for 43 years and personally know many of the individuals coming in to vote.

My prior experience

I was the Inspector of Elections, in Menallen Twp, back in the early 80’s when Maurice Black was the Judge of Elections. Several elections ago, the present Judge of Elections, Mark Wilson, asked me to assist at the polls. The present Inspector of Elections is not seeking reelection. Mark asked me to run; I agreed.

Todd McCauslin
Supervisor Mount Joy Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I don’t believe in sitting idle, now is the time to step-up and take-action to prevent our township’s rural character and rich history from being lost forever. We need to save our farms, while respecting the land and the environment, so it’s there for the next generation.
My main priorities will include better communication and collaboration with residents, having supervisors be more accessible, and implement a decision-making process that is much more transparent. We need to promote “smart growth” and manage responsible development that aligns with the comprehensive plan, along with Planning Commission recommendations.
As a township supervisor, I will be both responsible and ethical when deciding issues of public safety, growth management, zoning, roads, code enforcement, environment, and ultimately how to pay for it all… We need to support our local businesses, fire departments and public services, while keeping the township budget in check – and thereby limiting the municipal tax burden on residents.

My prior experience

As a life-long learner, educator and resident of Adams County, I am looking forward to growing and extending my public stewardship.
Our elected official(s) should be representing “We-The-People” and protecting all residents, never self-serving nor favoring a select few. When you serve with self-discipline, morality, and liberty within local government, you actually empower the rights and power of its citizens.
I am ready to make honest, positive, and cooperative changes, doing what is good for the township as a whole and helping our local communities do better. We need to collaborate with our constituents and implement a “shared vision” of what is best for our Mount Joy community.

Christine Demas
Supervisor Mount Joy Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

After a career of private and public sector project management, I am well prepared to bring the skills of communication, management and decision making to the township. As a Project Manager Professional, (PMP) I understand how to get meaningful work done, on-time and within budget. While being a business owner has provided me with the skills necessary to understand and promote economic development. And finally as a farmer, I have developed a tremendous respect for the land and those who work it.

My prior experience

Transparency and accessibility. By working together, we can ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness and communication will strengthen our community and promote efficiency and effectiveness in our Township. Access to your local leaders should be easy and open. It should not become a second job to know what is happening in your back yard.

John Gormont
Supervisor Mount Joy Township


What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Maintaining the financial stability of the Township. Providing the necessary funding to continue to maintain the Township roads and bridges as well as ensuring the employees have the equipment and tools they require to perform the work they do in a safe manner. Providing a modern , safe, harmonious working environment for the Township staff. The Township staff is the backbone of the Township government and that is what makes it work. I say “Thank You” to them all.

My prior experience

The knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 12 years. It is not always possible to make everyone happy, but there are rules and regulations that we MUST adhere to at all times and I am committed to doing that. In the past 12 years there have been things that I did not like but was required to do, because it’s the law. The Township was in poor finical shape in 2010 with a very large debt, but today we are in very good finical condition and I am committed to continued finical responsibility for the Township. The Township real estate tax rate in 2010 was 2.38mils. After eliminating the debt, we now have a very low tax rate of .15mils. Lowering the taxes was on of the major reasons I originally ran for office and I am committed to the same today, . Maybe totally eliminating the Township real estate tax in the near future. Please check the Township web site for a breakdown of the progress on the tax reductions.

Timothy Staub
Judge of Elections Mt Joy Township Ward 1

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

I firmly believe that, as Judge of Elections, I play an important, but non-political, role in politics. As Judge, I allow for any voting citizen to express their voice through their vote. While I certainly have my own political opinions, I respect everyone who comes to vote, providing superior customer service, answering questions, and giving assistance, so that I may make a true and perfect return of the voted-upon ballots to the Court House at the end of each Election Day.

My prior experience

For the last 8 years, I have been the Judge of Elections in Straban Township. After falling into the position (winning as a write-in candidate), I proudly served out my civic duty through each Spring Primary and November General election. Because of my growing household and subsequent move, I am now running for the same position in Mt. Joy Township.

Wes Thomason
Supervisor Reading Township

IMG 0528

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

My job will be working for the tax payers of Reading Twp. I feel that we are an agricultural farming community. Most of the people who have moved into this area, moved here for that reason. Most of us have small farms or farmettes of our own. My job as a Supervisor will be to listen to the people of Reading Twp and doing what’s in their best interest.

My prior experience

I am a Navy Veteran, with experience as a team leader. I presently volunteer for Roots for Boots which is a nonprofit veterans organization. I have owned and operated an excavating business, as well as holding positions in supervision. I retired in 2019, and now fulfilling a life long dream as the Pastor ofThe Servants Way Church in East Berlin.

Alan Cecilio
Non partisan
Judge of Elections Straban Township Ward 2

alan cecilio

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

For the last eight years, Straban #2 has been led by Timothy Staub, a well-respected election official. Tim has moved to Mt. Joy Township and hopes to continue his service in his new home precinct. Similarly, I moved to Straban #2 in May 2021 and hope to continue my service as an election official in my new home precinct.   As a head of a nonpartisan team of poll workers, I will ensure fair and open elections, guaranteeing every voter has the right and opportunity to vote once in each election. I will respect everyone who comes to vote, provide superior customer service, answer questions, give assistance, and solve problems. I will ensure the accuracy and integrity of the ballots cast in our precinct until they are delivered to the Board of Elections at the end of each Election Day.

My prior experience

I have 22 years of experience as a Chief Election Judge serving in Montgomery County, Maryland. For the past eight years, I have also served as Director of an Early Voting Center. After the elections, I served as a member of the Election Canvas, reviewing provisional and absentee ballots. The last six years I worked with the Deputy Director of Elections on a small election audit team for Montgomery County. I ask for your vote so I can continue to support the election process in my new home.

John Aldridge
Supervisor Union Township

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What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Union Township is staffed by part time people working as hard as they can to keep up. And that has worked for a lot of years. However it is time to improve the situation, hire more people and offer more help to our citizens as the Township grows. And the Township is going to grow faster in the next five years then it has in the past fifteen years.

My prior experience

Current Township Supervisor
My life experience, professional experience and desire to help others. I am eager to hear ideas from others that are interested in helping resolve issues or improve our Township. It is always an effort to get people to agree on anything but if you try and help promote best practice and best ideas (even if it is not yours) the cream will rise to the top and we all will be better for it. And you can not take it personal if you do not get your way. That said a Supervisor has to decide what actions are best to keep the Township moving and help the people living in the Township improve their properties and lives as best they can.

Bruce Hollabaugh
School Board Director Upper Adams Area School District

What I will do to make a difference for my constituents

Fight for parents/students rights. Constantly do what’s right for the students of the district.

My prior experience

Appointed as interim school director by current board in December for remaining 2020-2021 school year. Lifelong resident of the district. 3 children in the district currently.

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