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Alisha Sanders runs for Gettysburg  Borough Council from Ward 3

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for membership on the Borough Council! I have been a proud native and resident of Gettysburg’s 3rd ward for over 25 years and my family is deeply rooted in Gettysburg and Adams County. During this time, I came to truly value and appreciate the safety and sense of community afforded to me and my family and to develop a sincere respect for its rich history. I’d like to continue to give back to the community and I welcome the opportunity to remain an engaged citizen by lending my experience to the Council as a public servant.

I began volunteering at a young age by serving on the boards of several local organizations and committees including the YWCA and Third Ward Concerned Neighbors among others. In addition to my full-time work as a teacher, I coached soccer and served as a board member for AYSO for a number of years. Today, I actively serve as a board member for the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice, a member of the YW’s Advocacy committee, and the secretary of the Lincoln Cemetery Project Association.

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As a member of the Borough Council, I will promote civil discourse that encourages citizens to share grievances and address issues in a way that takes into consideration various perspectives, removes partisanship from local politics, and promotes the common good. Matters of health, safety, basic needs, family, and our environment have no political ideologies; they are human matters. And I will work hard to meet people, develop relationships, and gain the trust of all those whom I serve so that they feel comfortable reaching out to me as their council representative. Finally, I will respect my colleagues on the board working together to preserve the integrity of this place we call home.

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Alisha Sanders is a candidate in the 2023 municipal election for Gettysburg Borough Council from Ward 3.

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Debra Sandoe McCauslin

I am pleased to support Alisha and I urge voters to support her. I have known her for several years. Her family history is an incredible American story. Alisha is bright, kind and an awesome listener. She will act in the best interest of the people of the Third Ward to honor the land where her ancestors are buried. She understands the rich history and will act to make it a great place to live in the 21st-century.

Susan Cipperly
Susan Cipperly
1 year ago

Alisha Sanders will listen to, and represent, all the constituents in the 3rd Ward. She grew up in the 3rd Ward, and can appreciate the variety of concerns residents have. She’s smart, well-spoken, and willing to stand up and be heard. She will be an asset to Borough Council.

Curt Musselman
Curt Musselman
1 year ago

I wish that I lived in the 3rd Ward so that I could vote for Alisha. She is a top-notch candidate and person.

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