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Asks more from legislators

Our nation is divided.  The PA House/Senate, the Federal House/Senate.  The remarkable turnout in the midterms shows this clearly.  This gives us (the people) two choices:

1.  Let the leaders we elected continue to be middle school children and insult and score political points against the other party.  Nothing will be done that will benefit us (the people) but on a daily basis, we will get to rejoice in the best insult of the day.

2.  Decide that in spite of our differences, we are more alike than our political parties.  I believe we all see the same problems in America.  I believe that our solutions are different, however they can be resolved through compromise. (Note: compromise is not a weakness)

Were there something as rare as 10 reasonable, rational, thoughtful Republicans that met with something equally as rare as 10 reasonable, rational, thoughtful Democrats in a room.  Tell them to list out the problems facing ordinary people and come up with a solution.  I would wager that problems could have an agreed solution in a couple of days.

The Pennsylvania legislators make $90,000 a year. The Federal legislators make $174,000 a year.  We should make them earn their salaries by identifying problems, coming up with solutions, and implementing them for the good of the Commonwealth/Nation.

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